Get pegged, Aria gives you the surprise of your life part two

You press your face into my groin and feel it against your face. It’s hard, bulging, and oddly makes you shiver with desire. You look up at me and see my encouraging smile. That gives you the courage to slide your hands up my smooth legs. Up under my dress, and to my panties. That’s where you find my cock, and you know deep down that tonight… you’re gonna get pegged.

You pull my cock from their restraints and I lift the hem of my dress, so that my cock can spring free. Right in front of your face. I ease my hips forward, gently pushing the head against your lips. Instinctively your lips part and suddenly your mouth fills with my girth.

It’s much bigger than you anticipated, your jaw widening almost past it’s limits to accommodate my thickness. But the feeling of fullness excites you. Tentatively you start sucking, moving up and down on my cock while you look at me. The more you do it, the more it turns you on.

Soon you’re bobbing up and down in earnest, slobbering all over my cock, taking it as deep as you possibly can. My hand grabs the back of your head and pushes you all the way down, forcing you to take all nine inches. I hold you there for a few seconds and spring you free.

You sit back on your heels gasping, drool dripping down your chin and tears in your eyes from the intensity of your cock sucking. My smile has widened into a grin and as you watch me I bark out a single order.

Give me your ass.”

So you do. You obey my order without question. I watch as you rush to your feet, fumbling to get your pants undone and down to your ankles. I step forward, pushing you back towards the couch and spin you to face away from me. You take my cues and drop to your knees in front of the couch, your elbows resting on the cushions.

You’re trembling with excitement and I can see your cock is rock hard while I position myself behind you. One hand on your back and one hand on my cock, I line everything up and push forward. I feel you tense up at first, but then relax into it. Your accompanying moan telling me to continue.

I ease my cock into your ass, filling you up deeper and deeper. I thrust nice and easy, until I feel next to no resistance to my movements. Then I lean forward and whisper in your ear.

“I’m going to make you my bitch tonight.”

I grab a fistful of your hair and rip your head back as I start pounding you. Fast, hard, deep thrusts that slam your forward into the couch. Your moans and grunts fill my ears and I go harder. You get louder and louder the harder I go. One of your hands sneaks down and begins to jerk yourself off. Who would have thought that your greatest desire and pleasure would be to get pegged?

You last for a few more minutes of my relentless abuse before you cry out and cum all over my couch. I stay inside you, simply leaning into you, resting on your back. All nine inches plugging you up as I kiss your shoulder and run my fingers through your hair.

We stay like that for ages. Half an hour maybe. Until you say the words that make my whole night. “Can we do that again?”

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  1. Jerry Brumbaugh February 18, 2021 at 3:40 pm

    Mmmm, Sweetie sooo hot! Loved it !
    Can’t wait to try it xoxoxo


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