Get pegged, Aria gives you the surprise of your life part one

I’m the kind of girl that will try anything once as some of you know… But there is one thing that I’ve wanted to do but haven’t yet. So this blog is for all you men who like a girl to have a little something extra down below. This blog is for the men who want to get pegged. Let me tell you my ideal fantasy.

I invite you over to my place for a hookup. We have been flirting online back and forth quite a bit, but now we have taken things to the next step. I make sure that I am pressed perfectly for the occasion, as I want tonight to be very very special for the both of us.

So I put the strap-on on first, then a pair of lacy panties. I stuff my cock into the fabric so that it is pressed against my skin and almost wrapped around to my hip. My cock is hidden, and discreet. Next, I go into my closet and find the perfect dress for the occasion. It’s pale blush pink with off the shoulder straps, form fitting at the bust and waist but flairs out at the hips a bit.

The dress is perfect. Slightly revealing, feminine, and cut in a way that also hides my cock. I spent some time fixing my hair and makeup, and then I was ready. I step into my pair of pale pink suede pumps just as the doorbell rings. My bright blue eyes practically shine with excitement.

You can hear the click of my heels on the hardwood as I get closer to the door.

The anticipation building for the both of us. I open the door with a sultry smile, stepping back and tell you to come in. You can’t keep your eyes off of me. I can feel your eyes roaming my petite frame hungrily. Practically peeling my dress off with your eyes. If only you knew what I have in store for you tonight. I close the door behind me and your hand snakes around my waist immediately, taking my mouth as yours.

So I reach up and wrap my arms around your neck, diving deep into your kiss. You push me back until my back is against the wall, pinning me there so your hands can roam freely. I feel you cupping my small breasts, finding my nipples through the fabric of my dress and pinching them with your expert fingers.

Now at this point I’m panting with arousal, my nipples are rock hard, and my pussy is soaking through my panties. But still I wait. Your hands roam down my waist and around to grab my ass. This prompts me to rock forward, pressing into you. That’s when you feel something.

It’s just an inkling at first, but the thought grows in your mind as you’re kissing me.

What is that pressing into me? So your hand comes back to my front to cup my pussy, but you cup my cock instead. Your hand freezes and so do your lips. You don’t immediately pull away, but you are frozen as your mind spins into overdrive.

I keep kissing you, my tongue past your lips, but I also start pushing you down at the shoulders. In your shock, your body follows my silent command and you fall to your knees in front of me. Kiss finally broken, I smile down at you serenely. You are about to have the best experience of your life…

Enjoying my get pegged blog? Come back Sunday to enjoy Get Pegged part two! Or if you want to have fun with me personally… I made a delicious pegging audio available here.




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  1. Daddy J February 12, 2021 at 7:01 am

    Loved it babydoll!
    Can’t wait for part two !
    And can’t wait for the “live “ version 😉😘


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