Pandemic!  Don’t you just hate that word!

How is a person supposed to go out and have sex when everyone is afraid to get closer that 6′?  I came up with a solution, Social Distance Sex!  I know it sounds strange but you have to be creative in these times.

So how do you have social distance sex?

Well let me explain it to you.  The first thing you have to do is go out and pick someone up.  That is done in the usual way.  I like to go to the Super market and kind of look around for any single guys who are walking around kind of lost.  When I see one who seems like he might be a likely candidate, well let me walk you through my technique.

I am at the local supermarket and I am picking up my groceries for the week and trolling for guys.  It has been awhile since I had sex and I have been quite horny lately.

As I turn the corner at the cereal aisle, I see him.  Tall middle aged, blond salt and pepper hair and very broad shoulders.  This guy either works out at the gym alot or had a manual labor job.  Either way, he was built and I like my guys built! I could get into some social distance sex with him!  As I go walking down the aisle, oh by the way what I have on today is a pair of skin tight jeans with some really cute ankle boots. I also have on a cropped long sleeved tight sweater that barely covers the bottom of my boobs.  As a matter of fact when I reach for something the bottom of my boob tends to surface!

So I start pushing my cart toward tall dark and handsome and act like I am looking for something on the shelf.

Bang!  Carts colloid and it is time to apologize.  “I am so sorry, I wasn’t paying attention.”  I bat my eyelashes at him and smile demurely.

“No harm done. can I help you find something, not that I am an expert or anything.  I can barely find what I need.”  I laugh at this, guys love that.

“Actually I would love to help you find what you are looking for.  I come here every week and I know pretty much where everything is.”

“Well in that case, can you help me find some Italian salad dressing and some raisons.  I love to marinate chicken breasts in Italian dressing and well, the raisons I just like to eat.”

“Sure, no problem, follow me.”

I could get into having social distance sex with this guy!

First I took him to get the raisons and then we went to get the salad dressing.  As I was reaching for the bottle on the upper shelf, well you guessed it, a nice view of my lower boob!  I never had chicken marinated in salad dressing before, how do you make it?”  With that I was invited over to dinner Friday night.  We exchanged phone numbers and off I went.

God, I was so horny just from talking to him!

My pants were soaking wet in the crotch and I had to get some relief.  When I got my groceries loaded and I was in my car, I started rubbing my crotch.  Looking around I noticed I was alone so I slid my pants down a little and started to finger myself to get some relief. Self gratification is good, but I prefer social distance sex.

When I finished I drove home, put the groceries away and went to take a bath in my jacuzzi tub.  You have no idea how satisfying a good hot bath can be with all those jets and pulsating water around you!  Oh yeah, it always helps when I swing my legs up over the side of the tub and use one of those jets  to pulsate right over my sweet swollen pussy lips!  Oh yea, it feels so good and it continues for as long as I want it to.


Make sure you come back Sunday to read the conclusion of Get Creative; Social Distance Sex. The wave of the future!

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