Climaxing in this manner always has me screaming for more!

Ok back to Social Distance Sex.  Friday night is here and I dress carefully.  Choosing a short flared skirt with thigh high boots and a silk blouse, I survey my appearance in the mirror.  Ok, looks good and off I went.  Arriving at his house 15 minutes later, I knock on his front door.  What I saw when he opened the door took my breath away.  He was standing there in some tight jeans and loafers with a button up casual shirt.  His hair was still damp from a shower and he looked good enough to eat.  Inviting me in and offering me a glass of wine we sat down to chat while dinner finished cooking.

The only thing I was interested in eating was right in front of me, but I knew we had to social distance!  Finding out through our conversation we both had the same thought about the pandemic, it sucked but you had to be careful.  We had a great diner and more conversation and I was getting wetter and wetter by the second.  Finally I asked him what I had been thinking about all night.

“Have you ever had Social Distance Sex?”

Shaking his head he said he never heard of it but would be interested.  “Since things are what they are there has been a need to be creative.  So if you would be interested I would love to have Social Distance Sex with you.”

So we set up comfortable chairs 6 feet apart and then we each had a seat in one.  Taking turns you ask your partner to remove one article of clothing at a time.  When the clothes are gone then you ask them to do other things each taking there turn.

I started by asking him to remove his shirt.  Then he asked me to remove mine.  This went back and forth for a while until we were both sitting there naked. My God did he have a body on him.  His cock was so long and thick and it was rock hard by the time we were naked.  Sensing how aroused he was I slowly spread my legs giving him a good view of my pussy. WOW! Social Distance Sex! What a turn on!

He started to lick his lips and I returned the gesture.

There was nothing I would like more than to take his rock hard cock in my mouth, but we both agreed to play by the rules.

I then asked him to stroke his cock and squeeze the precum out of the top of it.  I wanted to see it glisten in the light.  He did as I asked.  This was turning out to be some great social distance sex!  Then he asked me to slide my finger down between the lips of my pussy and then back up again, then taste myself.  Agreeing I slowly slid a finger down between my lips and over my clit and then back up again.  Not once but twice.  My finger slowly made it up to my mouth as the tip of my tongue darted out and licked it off.  Then I sucked my finger into my mouth and sucked on it awhile savoring the flavor of my own pussy juices.

This really excited my companion and he all but leapt out of his chair but caught himself.  He was literally shaking with need and desire.

Wanting him to see how he has affected me, with this social distance sex, I asked him to reach down and massage his balls with one hand and stroke his cock with the other.  As he started to do this I spread my legs as wide as I could and started to finger my sweet juicy pussy.  The whole time my eyes never left his cock.

Things started to go crazy then, I think I was panting and licking my lips while he was stroking faster and faster.

All of a sudden we both exploded!

He shot his cum all over the floor and his chair.  He had so much pressure with it it almost reached me at 6′ away.  I screamed my release and actually ejaculated myself.  That never happens to me! I think I covered about 2′ with my cum and my whole body was shaking afterwards.

We were both totally spent and we never even touched each other.

I really hate this pandemic, but if we have to social distance, why not get creative and get satisfaction at the same time!  Social Distance Sex!  Give it a try, you might like it.  I know I do!

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