Georgina’s Boy Toy – Part 2

You lie back with your exquisite hair cascading into my pillows and I kiss my way down your tall, lean body until I reach your blue jeans which I quickly strip you out of. Your cock is every bit as thick and delicious as I imagined and you are absolutely hard for me.

Kneeling between your legs, I bring my lips down softly as I run my tongue around the head of your cock and then I push myself down and down until I reach your balls. I let you rest at the back of my throat for a moment and then, as I feel you harden even more, I start to move. I am stroking your body with my hands as I slide my mouth up and down on your cock . . . slowly, deeply and always, always gliding down to the base; swaying my back and circling my head – as my long hair swirls on your body – so that I can give you the most sensuous deepthroat possible.

But I need to fuck you.

As I take you from my mouth, I caress you with my hand and then I straddle you, stroking my drenched, wet pussy up and down that thick shaft for a moment, relishing your hardness between my legs. Then I put my palms on your shoulders and shift my hips so that your cock is in perfect position. I slide my pussy down onto you in one swift motion which makes us both almost scream with pleasure.

Leaning forward to kiss you, I push my fingers into that hair again as I clamp my muscles on your cock and start to fuck you. I am holding you down as my pussy pulls you in, moving my ass back and forth and in circles and milking that cock as I grind into you. You feel incredible and I love the sound of your gorgeous, deep American voice urging me, almost pleading with me, to give you more and more and more . . .

I grab your wrists and I pin you down in earnest.

I am using my strong thigh muscles to raise and lower myself on your cock, loving your full length as I pull you into me over and over again. Starting to come, I grip you tightly inside me, sliding my hands into yours as I come on your cock.

You thrust up into me, shouting my name as you start to throb hard, shooting that hot load so deep that it makes me come even harder. My pussy is gripping your cock in waves as I hold you as tight and as deep as I can.

I let go of your hands so that I can stroke your face; tenderly brushing back those wet strands of your long hair. I cannot believe what a good boy you have been for me.

This is definitely not the end of it.

I hope you enjoyed “Georgina’s Boy Toy”.

In case you missed it, here’s Part 1.

If you would love to hear me read the whole story, my audio is available from the Temple store.

Love, Georgina


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