Georgina’s Boy Toy – Part 1

So I found you in the gallery and now I’ve brought you home with me. As you watched me saunter around looking at the paintings in my demure but clinging scarlet dress – which covers me completely yet flaunts every curve – I was fully aware of my effect upon you.

I noticed you as soon as I walked in.

You are very tall and there is something in the intensity of your gaze and your demeanour that makes me want you straightaway. As soon as you start to talk to me in that smooth, deep American voice, I am utterly beguiled and I want to fuck you like crazy.

You are so young, but you are old enough. You intrigue me and I love our conversation, but eventually I have to shut you up with a soft, deep kiss and I say,

“Let’s get a cab.”

I don’t let you touch me in the cab. As I chat pleasantly to the cab driver, I reach discreetly over to you with my left hand, wearing its gold and diamond rings, and start to stroke that beautiful, thick cock through your jeans. I am using my fingertips to caress every inch of you to maximum hardness. As you move your thighs apart, I slip my fingertips beneath to where your jeans grip your balls and I stroke lightly. I move my middle finger further back and, as I press along that central seam, you groan quietly with pleasure, before I slide my hand back to rest my palm upon your now rigidly hard cock.

As we arrive at my place, you are an absolute gentleman and you come around to my side of the cab to open the door for me. I reward you with another deep kiss as I stand up in my high, stiletto-heeled boots which make me almost as tall as you are.

You take my hand and I lead you into the house. As the front door closes, I wrap my whole body sinuously around you and kiss you passionately as I push my hands into that silky, golden-brown hair which is almost as long as mine; winding it into my hands as I pull it back, tugging it slightly, to make you open those blue eyes and look at me.

“Follow me.”

I sway up the staircase deliberately slowly so that you can savour the sight of my curvy ass in that scarlet dress. As we reach the bedroom, I pull you to me and start to strip you out of your clothes, swiftly unbuttoning your shirt as we kiss. I trail my fingertips admiringly over your lean torso and finely muscled chest.

It is the work of a moment for you to lift the hem of my long dress and peel it over my head, tossing it gently onto the floor. You gasp with delight as you look at me. My breasts are held high in my delicate black silk bra, as my nipples push hard through the fabric. I am not wearing any panties, but I am wearing soft, black suede stiletto-heeled boots, pulled up to just over the knee, gripping my long legs tightly.

“Goddess,” you say and immediately get on your knees.

You wrap your arms around my hips as you gaze up at me, almost as if you are seeking permission. In answer, I push my fingers into that hair and bring your head close to me as I move my thighs apart.

I feel your warm breath as a sigh of pleasure between my legs, which sets me on fire as you start to caress me with your lips and tongue. You are licking me as if I am the most delicious thing you have ever tasted and my juices are flowing like the juice from a ripe peach as my clit swells and hardens into your mouth.

Taking your hands, I draw you gently to your feet.

I lead you over to my bed which is a luxurious cloud of soft, deep pillows and Egyptian cotton white sheets. I lie back and, as I move my thighs apart, naked now except for my black suede boots, I see those blue eyes widen as you take in the sight of me. You wrap your arms up and around my hips as your hands caress my body and you bring your mouth down on my pussy and start to devour me.

I wrap my thighs around your face and bring my suede-clad legs up around your back with my stiletto heels resting gently on your shoulder blades as I press you into me. You are going to make me come so hard and I grab handfuls of that silky, long hair – as beautiful as any woman’s – which is now being drenched in my juices.

As you start to suck me, moving your tongue at the same time, it sends me over the edge and I explode into your mouth. I cannot stop coming and you lick me and lick me with soft, firm strokes; gently swallowing my orgasm.

Pulling you to me, I kiss you ravenously – tasting that sweetness. I knew you would be good, but I had no idea you would be this good and I am dying to reward you.

“On your back, my darling. It’s your turn,” I say.


I hope you enjoyed Part 1 of “Georgina’s Boy Toy”.

Here’s Part 2.

Love, Georgina


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