Gender switch, Aria becomes a man for a day part two

Without further ado, I force you onto the couch. I position you so that your back is on the cushion and your legs are pulled up with your ankles up by your head. I don’t bother with lube. After all, you did such a great job slobbering all over my cock. So I kneel down and rub the head of my cock up and down on your puckered asshole. This gender switch was the best thing to ever happen to me.

You whimper and wrap your arms around the back of your knees, holding yourself in that receiving position. My large hands press into the back of your thighs and, making sure I am watching your face closely, I thrust into your virgin ass. I watch your face transform from one of anticipation, to one of pure ecstasy.

You cry out your pleasure, and I grunt out my own. Your ass throbbing and spasming around my shaft. I am the intruder, and your ass is not used to things being inserted inside. I ignore your ass’s defenses, and begin thrusting in and out. Slowly at first, to ease you into this new world that you may never leave after today.

I lean forward, pressing my muscled chest into your legs and then against your chest as well, practically bending you in half. I lean in to growl low in your ear the words that I know will be your undoing. “I’m going to rip your little faggot ass apart until the only thing that can ever satisfy you is my huge 9 inch cock. You’re gonna be my personal little bitch by the morning.”

My implication is clear.

I just told you that I was going to fuck your tight little ass all day and night. I pull back just enough to watch your face change, but I also shift so that I am in the right position to begin pounding your ass. Slamming my whole body weight into each and every thrust. I dig my cock deep into you, my balls almost pop inside.

I drill your ass for hours, your cock hard as steel and flopping with the force of my assault. You scream, you moan, you call me Master. You beg me for more, you beg me not to stop, you offer me your ass for the rest of eternity. I smile through it all, my grin predatory, my pants and grunts deep and low. I feel my entire core clench tight and I know I’m ready to dump the load I have been building over the last few hours.

But I want you to explode like the bitch you are. So I change position to my feet. My cock still planted balls deep in your ass, but you are know only laying on your shoulders with your feet dangling past your head. The perfect bitch position, lifting your ass up for your Master.

I spread my legs so that I’m low enough to stay buried deep inside you, but now my hands are free.

I wrap my large hand around your stiff cock, and begin jerking it with a speed that makes your vision go dark. As I speed jerk, I renew my assault on your ass. The sound of my balls slapping against your sweat coated skin filling the air. You moan out my new title like the bottom bitch you have now become, and squirt your load all over your own face.

The sight of you sends me over the edge and I plunge my cock one last time, filling your colon with my seed. The hot liquid keeps flowing deep into your gut, and you go from blacked out pleasure to somewhat worried. How much cum could I possibly unleash? I stay buried inside you, and the cum keeps filling you. You feel it flowing up into the rest of your bowels, and finally I pull out. Only to let the last few shots cover your chest and face.

Your asshole is gaping, unable to close. So I grab the plug I had laid out ahead of time and plug you right up. When I release you, you fall to the floor. You feel that sloshing inside of you? That’s the five gallons of sperm filling your intestines. And later, when I’m ready, I’m going to pull that plug out and force you to push it out like a geyser.

You will never be the same…

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