Gender switch, Aria becomes a man for a day

I have a surprise for you. Yes you. You know who you are. You’re sitting there, craving to be fucked in the ass by a nice thick cock aren’t you? Well I have the perfect story for you. I have this fantasy where something crazy happens. I go through a gender switch. No, not gender reassignment surgery… but I actually somehow wake up with the body of a man. Big, tall, strong… and with a ravenous cock.

I think you know where this is going. I may be in the body of a man, but I’m not really in the mood to fuck a woman. No… I’m in the mood to pound a sweet tight ass. That’s when I text you, asking you to come over to hang out. You agree, not knowing what has happened to me just yet. But I wait for your arrival, plotting how I was going to take you.

I know you like women, or claim that’s all you like. But I also know that you check out hot muscular guys when you think no one is watching. I recognize that look of longing, of hunger. You want to be grabbed and fucked like the dirty cock slut you are deep down inside. Well, I am here to answer your dreams.

You finally knock on my door, and I answer it with a lecherous grin.

I reach out and pull you in by the front of your shirt, slamming the door shut behind you. I lock the door and turn to face you. You’re confused, wondering where I am. But little do you know, that I am the hulking 6’4 brick wall of a man standing before you.

I don’t bother to take you to my room, instead I force you down to your knees right in the entryway of my house. I undo the front of my jeans and pull out my raging hard 9 inch cock. You’re face to face with the massive girth, and can see up close that it is throbbing with need.

You can’t help but start to salivate at my gorgeous erection, but I see the conflicting emotion in your eyes. You have never done this before, only fantasized about it. Don’t worry, I will help you get over your nerves. I grab a fistful of your hair and force you closer, pressing my huge mushroom head against your lips. I hear you whimper in both need and fear.

For all you know, I’m just some random man in your girlfriend’s house. But you finally give in to your inner desire, and part your lips. The moment your tongue grazes the tip of my cock I let out a growl from deep in my gut. That growl emboldens you, so you wrap your lips around my wide girth, and start sucking like you have always dreamed of doing.

You take me deep in your throat, letting my huge size stretch and fill you completely.

The feeling of you chocking and gagging on my cock makes my vision blur. I want more, I need more. With my hand still firmly gripping your hair, I force you to take every inch of me. My balls pressed hard against your chin. The feeling of your tight little throat squeezing my shaft is what sets me off, and with a cry of release, I drain my balls directly into your throat. I look down at you and see you looking up at me with pure need in your eyes.

Don’t worry, I won’t disappoint. I pull you off my cock and watch as the excess cum drips down your chin. It felt like I dumped a gallon of sperm down your throat. But like the good little bitch you are, you scoop up the stray trails of cum, and lick it off your fingers. I still have my hand fisted in your hair, so I just wordlessly drag you to the couch. You crawl along on your hands and knees as fast as you can, eager for what is to come next.

I stand you up and bark out an order, my voice deep and husky. “STRIP.” I command, releasing your hair. Without a moment of hesitation, you do so. You rip your clothing off so fast I almost let out a chuckle at how badly you want this. But I want this too. I want to feel you surrounding me, watch your face as I pop that little cherry of yours.

Soon… we will both be satisfied soon…

Did you enjoy part one of my Gender switch blog? Make sure you come back Sunday to finish the delicious story. Or if you can’t wait to step into the shoes of my bitch boy of a boyfriend… Experience it for yourself with my audio!





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