Gabbie’s First Stripper Part 2

As I walked behind the stage, behind the stripper, I had no clue what was about to happen. The bouncer let me past and pointed to the room on the left. I pushed the door open and the stripper was clad with a strap-on with one leg up on the leather couch beside her. She just looked me up and down and walked over to me grabbing my hips and pulling them close. She was much taller than me in her stripper heels and she just pulled me in super close and was starting to feel me up pulling up my short black dress, sliding her hands underneath.

Her hands were dancing around my body up to the back of my bra. with one hand she popped it off and slid my dress up around my neck. she pushed me back onto the couch and licked from my belly piercing all the way to my panty line. She grabbed the thong I was wearing in her teeth and slid it down my legs about half-way and let to slide down to my ankles. She went straight back up to my pussy, which was dripping wet at this point. Her tongue split my slit sliding up to my clit and swirling around it. This stripper was amazing, she knew exactly what she was doing.

Her tongue danced around my clit making my legs shake around her head.

She saw the shaking and only went in harder on my clit. Then I felt her fingers rub up and down over my pussy. As her fingers were gliding I felt how wet they were as she slid two fingers inside me. It felt so good feeling her fingers inside of me. She was finger fucking me finding my g spot. This strippers tongue was doing things I didn’t know you could do with your tongue. With the combo of her tongue and her fingers I was going to cum right on her face.

I felt the orgasm building inside me and I told her, but she went even harder. She sucked and flicked my clit with her tongue as she hit my g spot inside of me. I started to explode in her mouth and she slurped my cum right into her mouth. She looked me right in the eyes and had a look of accomplishment and determination. She laid me sideways on the couch and slid her strap up and down my dripping wet pussy.

I felt her line up with the opening of my dripping wet pussy.

She slid the 8 inch strap all the way inside me. I moaned out in ecstasy as she started pounding me deep and hard. She looked me right in the eyes as she slid her strap in and out of me. She reached down and started rubbing my clit. I was bout to explode while she truly fucked the ever living shit out of me. I never knew a woman could pound me like that. She thrusted full strokes in and out as I came all over her strap and down her legs. She grabbed my head and told me to clean off her dick. I opened my mouth and sucked it clean.

When I walked out of the back room my best friend was getting a dance, she asked me what happened.

The stripper on her lap said “Mercedes happened…”

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