Gabbie’s First Anal Part 2

As I felt the wetness all over his hand slid down past my pussy. I felt my ass tense up and he went back to licking my clit. His finger circled my asshole. I felt him start to lightly push in, getting my asshole ready for what was about to happen. He just kept licking and going lower and lower until he had his tongue on my asshole. I felt him circling my asshole with his tongue and it felt so fucking good.

He kept circling my asshole and out of nowhere he just popped his tongue right in my ass.

I couldn’t believe I was enjoying his tongue in my ass. He slid it in and out, deeper and deeper every time. he was getting into it and he pulled his tongue out and looked up at me.

“You like it when I tongue fuck your ass, don’t you?” He said it with a huge smirk on his face. I don’t know how he knew I was going to love this… but he was always right. I grabbed his head and shoved it right back down toward my ass and he gladly went back to tonguing the fuck out of it.

He kept tonguing and then slid his finger up with his tongue. He started to press against my asshole and as he was about to put it in I tensed up again.

“Relax babe. Just let me in.” I relaxed as much as I could as he pushed one finger in. I moaned out as he started sliding it in and out. It was a mix of pleasure and pain at first, but as he slid the second finger in it turned into something that was all pleasure. I felt myself relax even more and he felt it too. He told me he wanted me doggy style. I put my ass in the air and like always he couldn’t resist smacking my ass. He wanted that anal virginity so bad at this point, he was throbbing.

He positioned himself behind me and I knew… my ass was about to be fucked for the first time.

As his cock rubbed from my pussy up to my asshole, I took a deep breath. I I was getting ready to take his big dick into my ass. He pushed and hid big mushroom head popped into my ass. like when he put the fingers in, it hurt a little at first. As he let my asshole stretch around it it started to feel so fucking good. He slowly slid more and more in until his whole cock was inside of me.

I felt him touching places that had never been touched before being stretched out. He started to slide his cock on and out of my asshole faster and harder and I started to grip him tight on and off with my ass. I could feel his cock pulsing so deep inside me and I knew he was about to blow his cum inside me. He thrusted three times deep and I felt his cock explode in my ass. As he pulled out, he sat beside me and wanted me to push the cum out. He came so much it was already dripping out of my ass and he just licked it right off.

That may have been my first anal fuck… but definitely not my last.

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