Gabbie Pegs Her Boyfriend Part 3

With my boyfriends legs high in the air and my tongue gliding over his asshole he began to moan. I wanted to peg him so bad at this point, seeing how ready he was. I licked and then stuck my tongue in to his virgin asshole. He was so fucking tight. I loosened his ass with my tongue until I felt he was ready. Then I slid a finger in. He moaned out even louder as I worked his ass. I wanted his ass as loose as possible before I slid that strap inside him. Sliding in the second finger in was easier than the first. His ass was getting ready to be fucked for the first time.

With the second finger in I started massaging his prostate and his moaning got louder and louder. I watched his cock get so hard as I fingered his ass. I never thought he would like me playing with his ass this much, or we would have done this way sooner. My wet fingers were sliding in and out so easily at this point I knew he was ready, but I wanted to play with him some more. If I was going to peg him, I was going to have my fun with him.

“Put that ass in the air, babe.” He flipped over and stuck his ass in the air.

“Like this?” He stuck his ass in the air like he had been fucked a thousand times.

“This is how I know you need this… You are a natural!” I wound up and smacked his ass hard. He moaned back at me like he loved it all. He was ready.

“Spread your ass for me.” He reached back and spread his ass nice and wide. I spit right on his ass and slid my two fingers right back in to his asshole. He started moaning again as i worked his ass even more so I could get a third finger in to his ass.  I pulled them back out and got the lube off the nightstand and put a ton of lube on his ass, so much that it dripped down his balls on to his cock.

As the lube dripped down his rock hard cock, I wrapped my hand around it and began to stroke it.

His cock was already bursting and I hadn’t even gotten to fuck him yet. I slid my hand up and down his cock as I stuck the two, then three fingers all the way into his asshole. He couldn’t help himself but squirt a warm load of cum all over the bed with my fingers deep inside his ass.

I knew it was time though…. I was going to peg him in his virgin asshole.

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