Gabbie Pegs Her Boyfriend Part 2

As I walked out of the store I felt more prepared, but super nervous. I had this strap in my hands but I also had my boyfriend’s asshole in my hands. Up until this point I had never fucked someone in the ass before. I had only fingered one girls ass and eaten a few girls asses. This was all brand new to me so I drove home and hopped online. I started to look at girls pegging guys. I paid attention to how they prepared the guys asses to be fucked. how they fingered and stretched ot their asses to get them ready. Then I watched them take the guys asses and fuck them until they came.

I wanted that to be my boyfriend…. peg him until he explodes… that is all I wanted.

For the rest of the afternoon until it was about thirty minutes until he was going to be home, I just watched porn and prepared myself. I went to my closet and found the hottest lingerie I owned. It was a hot three piece set, red, with a thong and a bra covered in rhinestones. I left the garter belt off and put on the strap on.

As i finished doing my makeup, I heard the front door open. I heard his foot steps coming up the stairs and I hid behind the bedroom door. he walked in and put his stuff down and slid off his tie. As he unbuttoned his shirt, I slammed the bedroom door and stood there hot as hell. Red bra and panties, heels, and the piece de resistance the strap of his dreams. His eyes got huge as he saw me standing there.

“Get on your knees and suck my strap.” He got down on his knees and tried to just put the tip in his mouth.

“If that was how I sucked your dick, you would be pissed off at me. Suck that strap like you mean it.”

My boyfriend started licking it all over, making it nice and wet. He put it back in and started putting more into his mouth with every stroke. He got it all in and it hit his throat and he gagged on that strap. It made me wet to choke him with my strap. I saw how hard he was in his pants and I knew it was time.

“Get up and take your pants off.” He stood up and started taking his pants off. His cock popped out fully erect.

“Lay down on the bed and hold your legs in the air.” As he spread his legs in the air I went down and licked down his cock, between his balls and to his tight little asshole.

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