My Furry Friend Threesome & How Much I Love Them Part 2

I want to taste my furry friend so badly. When my mouth finally wraps around him I damn near swallowed him all. He tastes so good and I want to show him all the love he showed me moments ago.

Although, I do have to be careful. Sometimes he cums in two minutes and sometimes it takes him a while. It’s true that his cum is very delicious, but I want him to fill me up. More than that, I want him to stretch me out in a way only he can.

You want that, too. Watching him take me is the whole reason you came over here. I’ve told you all about it, but you wanted to see it for yourself. I’m not about to disappoint you.

After a few minutes of me giving Krieg head, it’s time for you to get involved.

You grab the thick towel I set aside just for occasions like this and bring it over to me. By now Krieg is face-fucking me and I need your help to pull him out. He can sometimes be over-zealous.

You drape the towel across my back to protect my skin from his nails. Somehow you coax him out of my wet mouth so that I can turn back around and present him with my wetter pussy yet again.

While Krieg lines up to mount me, you walk around to my face. You drop to your knees and put the tip of your cock against my waiting lips. Being the cock-hungry slut that I am, I eagerly start sucking on you.

Looking over my back, you see Krieg’s paw-covered hands on top of the towel and you hear choked moans coming out of my mouth. He’s deep inside me and the pleasure is too much for me to bear.

Without warning, I explode all over his cock.

Despite your efforts to hold out until Krieg does, your cock starts to twitch and your balls are almost painfully full. The next thing I know, I can feel your cum shooting into my mouth. Like a good girl, I swallow every drop of it.

Wasting no time, you crawl under me on your back. Your tongue flicks my clit while Krieg swells inside of me. This position provides you with the perfect view of me getting pounded by my furry friend.

With no cock to muffle my moans, they quickly grow louder until I scream as I cum for the second time on Krieg’s cock. That’s too much for him and he is quick to follow.

For a few moments, we all lay there panting. Krieg is now on his side panting louder than either of the two of us. His tongue lulls out and his eyes close. No doubt he’s falling asleep after that.

My blindfold is now off. You and I are still on the floor trying to regain our breath. Don’t worry. It isn’t over yet. We all just need time to recuperate and then we’ll be back at it.


If this isn’t explicit enough for you then I highly encourage you to check out my audio blog. In there, I get to be much more graphic and descriptive. Let me tell you all about Krieg and what really happened. This gets beyond kinky and I really don’t think you want to miss it.


If you missed Part 1 of my Furry Friend story, then you should check it out.

Or, if you want to hear this kinky story in my own words, check out my audio blog.

Share your fantasy with me so that I can bring it to life!




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