My Furry Friend Threesome & How Much I Love Them Part 1

When you think of a furry friend, what comes to mind? I could give you some examples, but the truth is I want your mind to wander wherever it may. Read between the lines and you’ll see what I mean.

For those of you who remember Krieg, well, he was my furry friend. Sadly, I don’t have him anymore, but I still remember our playtime together. He knew how to lick my pussy so good and he always made me cum so hard. Don’t even get me started on his cock. This story is a mix of memory and fantasy with a little bit of costumed role-play.

Picture this. You’re sitting on my couch and the only thing I have on is a blindfold. You have your cock in your hands and it’s pulsing with an intense need. Yes, you know what’s coming next as I get down on my knees.

Once I’ve assumed the face down, ass up position, Krieg comes padding toward me with a hungry look in his eyes. First, he goes to my exposed pussy and slides his cold wet nose up my slit. The shock sends shivers throughout my body and between my thighs starts to get creamy. I want him so bad.

Then I feel his big tongue furiously licking my pussy.

I know you’re watching so between you eye-fucking me and Krieg tongue fucking me I almost cum all too soon. Yes, I cam cum more than once and I revel in every orgasm I have, but sometimes the results are worth the wait.

Playfully, he nips at my ass and thighs. Even Krieg is trained in the ways of BDSM. After his play bites, his fur slides across me and it feels akin to the falls of a flogger brushing up against red sensitive skin.

Again my body shudders at the pleasure and I can’t help but cum in his mouth and all over his nose. Like the good boy he is, he hungrily laps up every drop of it. I can’t see you but I know you’re stroking your cock while you watch this scene play out. The smell of my juices mixes with Krieg’s hot breath and every one of your five senses is stimulated so nicely.

You can see him licking and sniffing both my pussy and my ass. Our scent smells like the kind you can only have between a woman and a furry friend in a suit. Your cock feels extremely hard to the touch and the head is extra sensitive. The sound of my moans and Krieg’s panting fills your ears. The desire in the air is so thick you can taste it.

Before Krieg can get his bitch in heat, I need to taste him. I quickly do a 180 so he can’t mount me too early. Reaching up to search for his hardness, I find it and stroke it. Meanwhile, I move my lips closer and closer to the head of his cock. He’s shown me some love and now it’s my turn to show him some back.


To Be Continued…


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