Welcome to part one of Freedom? Foreign sex fantasy -Freedom?

     Now for the conclusion to this foreign phone sex fantasy, come see what’s in store for Carmen.  Carmen waited and waited for Berwald and Markell to come back. The others didn’t seem to mention the two again as if they never existed, and she was starting to grow worried. After what seemed like two months Markell came into the room again. He looked more run-down than usual and was having some trouble finding words. “The..they found out,” He said after a while. 

    Carmen’s heart sank. How could this happen? She was so careful not to mention the plan to anyone. “But… We got a new plan… you just might not like it” Markell said looking away. “What is it?” Carmen asked desperate to go home at this point. She just wanted to see her cat again and sleep in her own bed. This vacation did not go as planned. “Well, I need you to fight. I can tell you their weaknesses but after that you gotta do it on your own,” Markell said sighing. 

     Thinking for a moment Carmen wondered if she could take on all the men. “What are their weaknesses,” she said after a long pause. Markell looked at her surprised. “You’re really wanting to do this?” he asked looking her straight in the face. “I want to go home,” she said with a stern tone. “Alright… but you can’t go home,” Markell said lighting a cigarette. “What do you mean?” Carmen asked not understanding why she couldn’t just hop on a plane and go home. 

A truth she wasn’t ready for

      Markel sighed. He knew it would be hard to explain, but he had to try. “Well for starters… you’ve been gone for about 25 years and you just showing up out of nowhere, not aging a bit, well let’s just say it will raise a few alarms,” Markell said exhaling. “We exist everywhere and I don’t want the ones in your home country to come after us. Carmen stared at him for a long time. “I’m sorry… I’ve only been here for a few months,” she couldn’t believe what she was hearing. “Are you ok Markell, did you hit your head” She looked at him in disbelief. 

     Markel sighed. “I had hoped it hadn’t started yet,” he said quietly to himself. “No, Carmen… You’ve been here for 25 years,” Markel said with a sigh. Carmen thought about this for a moment. She didn’t see how she could have been here that long. “But… I don’t understand Markel, no one has gotten older… Even Erik is still young,” Carmen said shocked. She felt like he might be messing with her. Telling her a lie to change the subject. 

      “No, see. When humans are around us they age slower. Wanna know a little secret?”, Markel asked rubbing the back of his head. “Secret?” Carmen asked unsure how else to answer. “Well…. I’m about 4000 years old…” Markel said shaking his head. “What?” Carmen looked at him shocked. “Yeah… anyways. Let’s get this over with so we can figure out where you’re going to go,” Markel said standing up with that apologetic look in his eye he always had.


I hope you enjoyed part one of my Foreign phone sex fantasy.  Come back for part two and check out the audio where you’ll get a little more insight into some of the things that went down in that house. Things I couldn’t really write about on here.
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