Foot Job in High Heels – RUB – A – 0003 – Part 2

Hey, shoe fetish lovers! If you haven’t read part one of this foot job story then read it here. I knew that I needed to make it up to my stepbrother for snooping on his computer. Thankfully, I knew just the trick to get him in a much better mood!

So, there I was in my matching black lacy thong and bra. I was standing in the doorway to his bedroom as he sat on the edge of the bed. He had already undressed down to nothing. His eyes were practically glued to me! Oh, I almost forgot to mention the pair of high heels I was wearing for him. They were black and opened-toed. Just like the ones I saw on a video he had on his computer. My toenails were painted a light shade of pink. A nice color for toes, don’t you agree? Anyway, I brought his computer chair closer to where he was sitting.

Then I sat down in the chair and gently placed my high heel-covered feet on top of his thighs.

My legs were spread apart and he could clearly see my thong tightly hugging my pussy lips. Of course, that wasn’t the main attraction this time. My feet in black high heels were the star of the show! His hands reached for my feet. The palms of his hands were warm and felt so nice against my skin. I looked seductively into his eyes while his cock began growing harder and twitching with excitement. I was about to give my stepbrother a foot job for the first time ever! It turned me on knowing that my stepbro was so aroused by my feet. All the while our parents were at work and had no idea what we were getting up to.

His fully engorged cock was waiting to be touched and teased. Admittingly, I was ready to get started. I wanted to know how much more aroused I could get him! He grabbed the soles of my shoes and placed the sides of my feet against his shaft. Then I began working my muscles, going up and down as he watched. The pleasure was clearly showing on his face. The head of his cock began to leak precum. I started teasing him with my words. Saying, “I bet you’ve imagined me doing this to you many times before.” He looked into my eyes and I knew he couldn’t deny it.

There I was, using all the power in my legs and feet to stroke him, driving him wild!

He held onto my feet as I pressed harder against his shaft. More accurately, he was jerking himself off with my high heeled-covered feet! The precum kept on leaking. Getting all over my shoes and toes. I didn’t mind at all. In fact, I LOVED how messy this was becoming! He was panting and moaning. I was giggling and moaning a little bit myself.

Again, I looked into his eyes… Asking him if he wanted to bust a nut all over my sexy feet and shoes. Soon as I asked him that it didn’t take long for him to start unloading! Fuck, it was so hot how I completely drained his balls in this way. I was proud of myself actually! Never did I think I would get a guy off, let alone my stepbrother, by doing something kinky like this. And if you wanted to know, he did forgive me for snooping on his computer! I love working my way out of a situation like this, haha.

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