Foot Job in High Heels – RUB – A – 0003 – Part 1

You may have had a foot job before but what about one with high heels? To be honest, I had never thought of doing that with shoes on! But after snooping on my stepbrother’s computer I found out that’s what he likes! I was definitely surprised when finding this out. And yes, I shouldn’t have been snooping, but curiosity got the best of me!

Maybe I should have been a little more careful when spying on his computer. I was home alone while he was out with friends and our parents at work. Well, I didn’t realize he had come home early. I was kind of distracted by all the shoe fetish porn in his history tab. Like, I didn’t even realize people were into that, you know! Sure, I knew some men love feet. But never did I think they would like the feeling of high heels on their cock and balls. Shoes can be sexy but it just didn’t click in my brain that men would be into this. How na├»ve of me!

My stepbro appeared in the doorway as I was watching a shoe fetish video.

Obviously, I was startled and surprised by him being home early. I couldn’t help but feel embarrassed about what I was doing. His little stepsister was putting her nose where she shouldn’t! It was too late. He was not happy and I was clearly in the wrong and in trouble. Or so I thought… Come on, guys! Did you think I wasn’t going to try to work my way out of being in trouble?

The stern look on his face began to slowly melt away as I stood up and walked towards him. A smile was on my face as I reached to put my arms over his shoulders. I could feel his hands reaching for my waist. I said to him that he should have told me about his naughty secret. I wouldn’t have judged. Then I leaned in to kiss him on the lips. He’s seen me wear sexy heels before. I have several pairs in my closet. So I told him I would make up for my bad behavior with… you guessed it! A foot job with my high heels.

At first, he couldn’t believe what I just offered, but I could feel him getting hard.

Our bodies were pressed together as we looked into each other’s eyes. Again I kissed him on the lips but more deeply this time. I told him I would make it worth his while. Our parents wouldn’t be home for about another hour. “What do you say?” I said in a flirty tone.

He couldn’t resist his sweet stepsister! I told him to get comfortable and that I would be right back. So I went into my room to change into something sexier than what I was wearing. A black lacy bra with a matching thong and of course I couldn’t forget the heels! The pair I picked was going to drive him crazy in the best way possible.

Stay tuned to see what happens next. I’ll explain the shoes in better detail in part 2 on Thursday! However, you can just get the audio of this story now if you rather not wait. Check out my other stories here if you like!

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