I knew this was about a foot fetish but I really wanted him to take his pants off because I wanted to see how big he was.  Reading my mind he silently stood up and removed his pants and then his underwear.

My God his cock must have been about 12 inches long and very big around!

Reaching out with my hand I slowly ran my index finger from the base all the way up to the tip of his cock.  There was just a drop of pre cum slowly running down the head of his cock.  My tongue darted out of my mouth and I leaned over to lick it up and then feeling hands on either side of my head I was gently pushed back.

Looking down at my feet he slowly licked his lips.

Realizing what he wanted I waited until he sat down. I knew he had an obsession  with feet.  Instantly my feet were up on his lap.  As my foot touched his huge cock he leaned back and closed his eyes.  With one foot on either side of his cock I started rubbing them up and down.  Reaching down he wraps his hands around my feet and move them up and down the length of his cock.

Time for the oil….it is poured on generously over my feet and his cock.

Back to the foot massage! Oh yes!  It felt so good and I was so close to cumming it made me crazy! I could get used to this foot fetish stuff!   Needing to reciprocate I placed a foot on either side of his cock and started slowly rubbing causing his breathing to increase.  I could tell how excited he was getting because my Boss’s huge cock was starting to twitch on it’s own.

His huge cock was jerking uncontrollably!

My oil soaked feet were rubbing his huge cock faster and faster.  With his head leaned back on the back of the sofa and his eyes rolled back in his head he suddenly stiffened and found his release causing huge spurts of cum to shoot from his cock.  Stilling my feet I allowed the cum to shoot out of his cock and fall down covering my feet and his lap and feeling the warm cum covering my feet caused me to explode!  This was all due from a foot fetish!

Feeling the sensation start deep in my core it exploded out of me in great waves!

This was unbelievable because  with absolutely no penetration I just experienced one of the strongest climaxes that I have ever experienced!  We both just sat there in total disbelief.  Believing this was as new to him as it was to me I couldn’t wait to try it again.  Voicing this to my boss he just silently looked over at me and smiled nodding his head.  Slowly he reached over to me and I crawled onto his lap.  Wrapping me in a big hug I knew this was just the beginning.

Stumbling onto this strange foot fetish I never new climaxes could be so strong.

Fetishes are something totally new to me and after what I just experienced I plan on exploring them in greater detail.  Believing my boss felt the same way I feel we had a very long and exciting relationship ahead of us.

You can also check out my Audio Blog.  I go into greater detail because there are no restrictions on the audio blogs! Check it out because I know you won’t be disappointed!

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