Foot Fetish, do you have one?  Do you know what it is?

I would like to share with you a story about how I found out about my boss having a foot fetish.

Foot Fetish, this is the story. I started working at this company about a year ago as an executive secretary.  Believe me it is not as glamorous as it sounds.  The guy I was working for was really cute, I would love to see him naked.

I would dream about sucking his cock!

My boss was so great looking I would try anything to get his attention.  Going in for dictation I would make sure my top button was unbuttoned showing extensive amounts of cleavage. Nothing!

Then I tried the super short skirt with thigh highs and no panties.  Nothing!

He just kept glancing at my feet for some reason.

I thought he was going to comment on my shoes, but he never said anything.  I am thinking he had a foot fetish or something. So I thought I would try something.  The next day I wore a short skirt and my sexiest pair of sandals.  I made sure that I had a pedicure the night before so my feet were in great shape.

Walking into my bosses office, I went over and sat on the edge of his desk.

He turned to question me and I immediately placed my foot on his lap. That was all it took.  Slowly he placed his hand on my calf and started moving it down toward my foot.  I knew he had an obsession with feet then.

It was then that I knew I was going to make him cum with my feet.

He lifted my foot up and was admiring my stiletto heel and then he started sucking on the heel!  Yes, that’s right he started sucking on the heel of my shoe.  Strangely this was starting to turn me on.

I could feel my pussy starting to get wet and soon it leaked right through my panties onto his desk.

Seeing that my boss was getting very aroused also his pants were getting very tight.  The bulge between his legs kept growing and growing.  This guy must be huge!  Slowly he removed my sandal and was massaging my foot.  It felt wonderful!  Applying pressure with his thumb in the arch of my foot and then moving down to my heel.  His obsession with feet was very obvious.

God was I going to cum just from a foot massage!

He stopped at this point and excused himself.  Moving across the room he locked his office door and then went over to sit on the sofa.  Taking off my other sandal I walked over and stood in front of him.  Slowly I slid my skirt down over my hips and let it drop to the floor.  My panties were next.  Then I went over and sat at the end of the sofa and put my feet up on his lap.

Gasping he grabbed my feet and started panting and rubbing my toes.

He was definitely the strong silent type.  silent, he has not mentioned one word since this whole ordeal has started.  I didn’t mind because I knew exactly how turned on he was getting.

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