Foot Fetish With London’s Beautiful Feet Part 2

So, you stood up, lifted my feet off the cushion, sat down, and laid my feet on your lap. I couldn’t resist the urge to rub your cock with my toes. It throbbed even though I was still wearing socks and you were still clad in pants.

Your hands eagerly reached for the toes of my sock. You pulled on it with one hand while the other gripped the cuff. In a few seconds both of my socks were off exposing my bare feet. They were still a little sweaty from my run. Your fingertips explored the skin of my soles and toes. They were so soft but they weren’t completely clean. They smelled like me.

You moved my foot up to your lips and started giving them angel soft kisses. Soon your tongue flicked across the tips of my toes, along my arch, and to the center. I could tell you were aching for more. I pointed my toes again in a way to give you permission to engulf them with your mouth.

You didn’t need any more encouragement from me.

Your lips surrounded two of my middle toes and you started sucking on them. I smiled at the tingly sensation it gave me and motioned for you to pull out your cock. With your free hand, you fumbled with the fastenings of your pants and pulled out your throbbing hard dick.

Once you finished your tongue bath you put some lotion on my feet. It had a very nice smell and it made my feet oh so soft. You rubbed it into my feet, feeling every curve of them under your expert fingers.

I encouraged you to put a little more lotion than was necessary. You had no qualms about any of that. Once my feet were properly lubed up, I scooted closer to you so I could have a better angle. You wanted my feet? Well, that was exactly what I wanted to give you.

I put a foot on either side of your cock and positioned them so that it rested between the curves of my arches. Then, I squeezed them together gently as I moved them slowly up and down the length of your shaft.

They felt slippery and warm against the sensitive skin of your cock. You groaned audibly as you pushed your hips up to encourage me to go faster.

I turned my feet sideways so I could get more coverage.

It also made it easier to pump your cock the way you wanted. Your hands covered my feet as I worked your dick a little faster. I stared into your eyes as I felt the familiar rythm of a cock about to explode. The pulses were harder, your cock expanding more than a normal twitch of excitement. No, you were on the edge.

That’s right. I wanted you to cum all over my feet. Make a huge, creamy mess for me, baby.

That’s how I’ve imagined it, but please, if you have a different foot fetish fantasy, let me know!


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