Foot Fetish – Cheeky Camille Gets Kinky For Cock Part 1

A foot fetish is one of the most common types of fetishes. I mean, stockings, heels, toes, the curve and arch of a woman’s foot, it’s all so sexy. I can totally get down with that. It’s not like I’m weirded out by anything. I love all kinds of kinks. Test my limits, please.

I’ve been messing around with this guy off and on for a while. He’d be in and out of relationships faster than a speeding train. They were bad in bed or just shitty people overall. Whatever the reason, he was usually single. And when he was single it was time to play!

It’s hard for anyone to admit they have a fetish of any kind to someone else. There’s a certain level of trust involved and I totally get it. Even if the fetish in question isn’t necessarily extreme or crazy. People don’t wanna be judged so they don’t say anything. I’m not that way. I don’t judge anyone for anything. Ever.

Hell, I have fetishes of my own so who am I to say anything?

Anyway, as I was saying, we had messed around a lot. Recently, we started having actual conversations instead of just having a fly-by-night encounter. One night I had him over for some Netflix and chill time. Sex, too, of course. I thought that went without saying.

We were hanging out on the couch. I had my head in his lap while we watched random shit. We were talking as he tenderly ran his fingers through my hair. The conversation was light. We talked about our sexual experiences, shared some memories, and laughed about how awkward losing our virginity was. Then, I started telling him some of my interests in the bedroom and about my being a phone girl.

“I bet you’ve heard some pretty weird things,” he told me with a smile.

“I’ve heard lots of things and I don’t really think it’s weird. I love doing it because it opens me up to new things I wouldn’t have known about.”

His eyes widened a little bit and they went out of focus as if he were thinking about something. With a little gentle prodding, he opened up to me and told me what he was thinking. He finally told me that he had a foot fetish. I should have guessed.

A few times I caught him looking at my feet but hurriedly looking away.

He told me that whenever his lovers, girlfriends, or whatever he wanted to call them, found out, they got weird about it. After that, the sex life dried up and turned sour. That was part of why it was hard for him to keep a girl longer than a couple of months. Sooner or later she found out because there just isn’t any way to hide a fetish like that.

Well, I’m not like most chicks. I treat all fetishes and kinks equally. What’s the point of exploring your sexual fantasies if you’re just going to be judged about them? So, I offered to have a little fun with his kink and fantasy. First, I asked him where we should begin.

Can’t wait for Part 2 of my foot fetish blog on Sunday? Check out my audio blog version with more dirty details that aren’t here. If you’d like to read more naughty action, go check out my Vacation Voyeur blog.

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