Foot Fetish Fantasy!

He had a foot fetish for as long as he could remember. One day, he could hear the clip-clap of her pumps as she came in the door of his little shoe shop, he looked up and spotted the most beautiful woman he had ever seen walking towards him; her hair, those lips, her breasts, that body, those legs and her feet, oh her perfect feet. “She has the feet of a dancer” he thought to himself as his cock began to twitch in his trousers.

It was hard for him, growing up in a shoe salesman family. He had to try extra hard to hide his foot fetish and keep it hidden from his family. His best strategy as an adult was to follow in his father’s footsteps, becoming a shoe salesman himself. After all, it was the family business. In the stockroom, he could run his cock into all the ladies high heels he could ever desire, fantasizing about foot jobs and perfect sexy feet to worship.On occasion, he would call into a phone sex line for a fetish phone sex session.

His favorite girl also had a foot fetish!

Feet were always on her mind and she would get so wet on the phone, he could hear it. The sound of her getting off to feet with him always drove him wild. She would detail to him about how from a very young age, she loved getting her sexy toes sucked on. Later in life, she developed a lesbian foot fetish and she would tell him how wet she would get when she pumped her perfectly painted sexy toes in and out of her girlfriends pussy and how hard her girlfriend would orgasm all over her toes, covering them with pussy juice. Now, she has a sparkly pink pocket pussy, which she plays with on the phone. His cock feels like it’s going to burst when he hears her pump her perfectly pedicured big toe in and out of that fake pussy.

The woman attached to those perfect feet approached him with the grace of an angel, her large breasts struggling against her blouse. She was standing so close to him that her breasts were in the way of his view of her feet!

“May I help you?” He finally burst out after a long slow stare.

“Why yes”, said the beautiful woman, “I would love a private fitting and I would like to try on all of your finest high heels and pumps. I am a size 8”.

“Yes, Ma’am! Right away!” His heart skipped a beat! A private fitting? Joy! He raced to the windows and tilted the blinds in a manner to provide the lady her privacy, but to still allow enough light in.

Part One

Stay tuned for part two coming on Saturday! Or, If you can’t wait, you can also check out my audio!

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