Food fetish!

Do you have a food fetish? Well, you’ll probably really enjoy this then! A couple years ago my friend Natalie and I got pretty freaky with a lot of different foods. Natalie and I were roommates and we loved to experiment with each other. It was a Saturday and we both had the weekend off and we needed to go grocery shopping. Now, keep in mind, I was working at the office all the time and it was my first weekend off in about two weeks. Since I was working so much, I didn’t get laid as often as I usually would, so naturally, I had a lot of sexual tension built up.

Anyway, we needed to go grocery shopping so we got ready and headed out! I’ll give you a little visual of what I wore to the store because what I did in there is what started this whole fun experiment. I was wearing a pink tank top without a bra and a short jean skirt. Underneath my skirt I was hiding a cute pink lace thong. Natalie also had some sexual tension built up from the last month of not getting laid. After her boyfriend left her, she kinda stopped trying to get laid and just focused on her work. So I told her she should put on some vibrating panties so I could tease her a little bit and really get her in the mood so we can have some fun together.

She drove there and you better believe I teased her the whole drive!

Finally, once we got to the grocery store, we pulled out our list and got a cart. We went down every isle to make sure we didn’t miss anything. Anytime she would reach for something I would make those panties vibrate! Almost every time I did that, she would drop whatever it was she was trying to grab. Of course, when she had to pick it up, I’d do it again! It was so much fun watching her get so horny right in the middle of the store.

We finally made it to the fresh produce area and she told me since I’ve been teasing her, it would only be fair for me to do something too. I liked the idea a lot and asked what she had in mind. She dared me pick up a carrot and stick it inside of myself right then and there and I had to keep it inside of me until we got home! If you know me, I can’t turn down a dare! I did as I was told and the texture of the carrot felt so good inside of me, I got pretty wet pretty quickly. Keep in mind, this wasn’t a small carrot. Anytime I moved a certain way, the carrot would tickle my G-spot. I came probably three times in that store! I had cum dripping down my legs!

Part One

If you enjoyed this and you don’t want to wait till Saturday for part two, check out my audio!

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