Back for some more naughty food fetish?

Good! In part one, I left off when I was still in the grocery store. We eventually got everything we needed and the check out process was super fun. I kept Natalie’s panties vibrating the entire time and to make it even better, we had a super hot cashier! She was trying so hard to avoid moaning in front of him! When we got to the car, we decided I would drive.

I came a couple more times while driving, that carrot felt so good inside of me! When we got home, Natalie and I were both super horny! We put some of our stuff away and she grabbed a cucumber, looked at me, and smirked. Natalie came up to me and started kissing me. I felt her fingers go up my skirt and she pulled the carrot out of me. I watched her take a bit of the cum covered carrot and it turned me on so much!

Next, We washed up some of the veggies and she lead me into her bedroom. Of course, we brought the clean veggies with us. She pulled out a box from under her bed and it was filled with toys. I laid her on the bed while taking off all of her clothes and teasing her pussy with my tongue. Finally, I grabbed the box of toys and handcuffed her hands to the bed. Next, I put a blindfold on her so she wouldn’t see what I was doing.

I kept teasing her little sensitive clit with my tongue.

She had her ass in the air, unable to move. I got one of her favorite vibrators and strapped it on her waist. Then, put it directly on her clit and then grabbed the cucumber and stuck it inside her ass. She was moaning very loudly and I wanted to increase her pleasure even more. I clamped some nipple clamps on her sensitive nipples and put a dildo inside of her pussy. She came about three times as I watched her moan and squirm. I took her blindfold off and the handcuffs.

She told me to join the fun and I couldn’t turn it down. I grabbed myself a vibrator and got my ass in the air and pushed the other end of the cucumber into my ass. While I held the vibrator on my pussy, her and I ass fucked the cucumber together. Our neighbors definitely heard our loud pleasure filled moans. We didn’t even try to be quiet. We took turns eating each others pussies and fucking each other with cucumbers and carrots. A little later that night, for dinner, we cooked those same veggies into our food! It was so absolutely delicious!

Part Two

If you enjoyed this, check out my audio where I masturbate with different foods for you! Or, maybe you’d like to check out my Porn/Masturbation blog! Stay tuned for next weeks blogs and audios for more of my naughty stories!


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