Food Fetish Experience (Quarantine Confessions) Part 2

If you’ve been following this sweet story so far, you know that the grocery store manager is back at my house for some fun. We’re going to be making ice cream Sundays. What he doesn’t know yet, is I’m what he’s going to be putting the ice cream on. I’m so excited to see how he reacts.

Back in my house, I take his hand and we head to the bedroom. Looking at me confused, he was asking me why we were headed upstairs when the groceries still needed to be put away. Smiling I grabbed the food items and just kept going, suggesting he follow me. 

We got up to my bedroom, and I had put the bag down on the floor. I had gone over to the bed and started to undress. Looking at me with a smile, he knew now what was happening, and he reached in and grabbed the ice cream first.

He then began to spread sweet ice cream all over me. Of course, he starting with my lips, neck, tits, stomach, legs, and of course my pussy. The cold chill started to turn me on. Before I knew it, then came the syrup, whipped cream, and the strawberries and cookies went right on top. He then looked at me with a sexy seductive grin and I made him start kissing me and tasting me.

Licking and tasting the ice cream off of my lips, he then worked his way down to my tits, which were covered in all of the sexy sticky food items. Starting with taking the cookies off of my nipples with his mouth, he ate the cookies right off of my tits, following up with him licking them clean of all of the ice cream, and syrup.

I could tell he was just loving and adoring me being all covered in sweet sticky goodness.

As I began to moan in pleasure from all of the licking, he continued to work his way down my body, licking and eating me like I was the best ice cream Sunday he has ever had. I loved the way his hands and mouth felt on me, there’s no way I ever wanted him to stop.

Finally, after licking me all over and cleaning me up, he got to my pussy. It was waiting for him with a strawberry right on top. Taking the strawberry in his mouth, as he licked my clit clean at the same time. Spending as much time down there as he could, licking me clean, getting every last bite of ice cream in his mouth. I just loved the way he made me feel while eating all of this delicious food off of me. And I feel like I’ve totally found my newest taboo addiction. 

He had spent maybe an hour eating my pussy, refilling it with plenty of ice cream and syrup, because let’s face it, I just couldn’t get enough, and I wanted more and more.

I can’t wait to see what other foods we experiment with next. 

If you missed part 1 of my food fetish story then you should go read it. Or, give my audio blog a listen and see what you think.

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