As you tense your muscles at the sound of the flogger I giggle. You are only hurting yourself more by tensing like that. I debated telling you but you had been so bad. You deserved being punished like the cum slut you were. 

“Next time you apologize to me, Do NOT forget to say Goddess River.” While you are in this room I am your goddess and you my cum slut do you understand me?” Saying this I flicked the flogger over your back and ass. Not as hard as the first time. Giving you a chance to correct your mistake. You see I liked you the looks you had given me had got me a little heated. The thrill of teaching a cum slut how to behave was so enticing. Yes this was the perfect distraction and release from my built up anger. 

“Now that you took your punishment like a good little slut I think you should bury your face in between my thighs. If you can make me cum then I might even reward you.” 

Looking over your back I smile again. The red welts looked so tender. I grab the flogger one more time and quickly give a hard snap against your ass. When you flinch at the unexpected i giggle again. Oh you are so fun to play with. 

“ Goddess River may I speak?”

“Yes cum slut I give you permission for asking so nicely.”

“What did I do to earn that last one. I just want to make sure to please you.”

“You always tensed before knowing what was about to happen. I wanted you to experience the feel of my flogger without all those tensed muscles.” Explaining I get on the bed and lay down in front of your face. Spreading my legs I show you how wet you had made me. 

A worthy reward for any cum slut. 

“Did you enjoy how it felt?” Asking I snap it across your back right when you start to bury your head between my legs. 

“Yes Goddess River, Thank you Goddess River.” Hearing that I laid back in satisfaction feeling you bury your needy tongue in me. You had practice at this for sure as you took your time. Making sure not to torture me and yet not just try to get me off. The fact you savored my pussy that tongue of yours playing over it made me clench up. Hearing your pathetic whimpers of pleasure were to much for me. Instead of grabbing your head I reach over you as you struggle to stay attached to my throbbing clit. 

Right when I explode in your mouth I dig my nails into your lower back. Feeling the skin give under my nails I drag them all the way up your back. Over the welts over the heated skin. Cumming I yank your face out of my lap by the hair. Leaning over I kiss your soaked mouth. “What a good little cum slut you were. Maybe now I’ll go get the strap on and give you a bigger reward?”

I really hope you enjoyed part 2. I hope you  you should purchase my audio where you’ll get to hear all the juicy details.

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