Entering the room I walk to the rack of crops, flogger, and whips laid on the table for me. I had had a very bad day and knew the perfect way to release some of this tension. Looking over my shoulder I see you. Not saying a word I approach your kneeling form. 

What a pretty present to play with. Squatting down to my little gift a smile touches my lips. The pink thong was even a little cute. I told you you had to wear them if you wanted to play today. I guess I was not the only one in need of a certain kind of release.

“Look up at me” Lifting your eyes to me I nod in satisfaction. 

A good cumslut, that is what I needed today. It looked like I had gotten lucky. I was in black today. The lace wrapping over my nipples just torturing them a little at the rough texture. Seeing your eyes drop down to them I grab your chin.

“I said look at me, not eye fuck me you cum slut. I thought you were trained and obedient. Now apologize to me right now.” Hearing you stutter out an apology I release your chin and stand back up. 

When you apologize though you left something extremely important off. Oh I had been sent a novice wrapped up as a practiced slut. That’s ok, I could fix this one problem easily enough. 

“Go lay down on your stomach on the bed. I am not pleased and want to teach you a lesson.”

As you tried to stutter out asking why I grab your hair hard. Using the strength I’ve built at the gym I sharply tug up making you stand or else. Shaking my blonde hair out of my face I lean in close. 

“If I wanted to tell you why I was upset I would have. Good cum sluts do not back talk. Now get the fuck on that bed or leave this room.” Turning I walk back over to the table of different textured leather and rope to play with. Not bothering to check if he was doing what I asked I ran my hands over the handles debating. Hesitating at my bullwhip I shake my head. 

Novices always ended up hurting themselves trying to take too much at the beginning. Grabbing my smaller flogger this time a full smile caressed my lips. Giving it a snap against my own arm I chuckled at the sting. This would do very nicely.

Having decided on which to play with first I turn to the bed. There you were laying your arms and legs stretched out in an ex. At least there was some training in there. Walking slowly up to the head of the bed I let my nails drag over your skin. First your legs and thighs, Over your ass and up your back leaving red lines behind. Those would fade quick, this though… 

Snapping my wrist I moan in satisfaction as I watch you tense up feeling the leather knots hitting your back from the flogger. Snapping across it, the welts immediate.

I really hope you enjoyed part 1. Make sure to come back for part 2 on Sunday to find out more. If you just can’t wait until Sunday to hear the conclusion you should purchase my audio where you’ll get to hear all the juicy details.

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