It was a weekend and I invited my best friend  to come over.

We were very young teens and still pretty curious about our sexuality. I knew I had a little crush on my best friend but I didn’t understand it. This was my first time crushing on a girl and It didn’t make sense to me because girls are supposed to be with boys right? That didn’t matter though, I liked her. She gave me butterflies every time we spoke and I loved it! She was always so much fun to be around and I knew I could trust her with anything!

Finally, one Friday morning, at school, I asked her if she wanted to have a sleepover. She said yes of course! This wasn’t going to be our first time having a sleepover but it was going to be the first time at my house! I knew she liked me too, every time we had a sleepover we would always flirt a little bit or wake up cuddling each other but neither of us would address our feelings for each other. So, I decided it was finally time. I wanted to see where exactly this would take us. I knew nothing could ruin our friendship, not even something like this.

It was time for me to tell her how I felt!

When I got home from school, I cleaned up my room and lit a lavender scented candle while I went to take a quick bath. I shaved my legs for the first time ever and put  some coconut scented lotion all over my body. I wanted to smell good for her! My young body felt so smooth. Then, I heard the doorbell ring. Quickly, I put on some comfy shorts and a tank top. My parents were gone at work still so I had the whole house to myself. I opened the door and let her in, her mom waved goodbye and drove off.

At first nothing really happened, I showed her around the house ending with my room. She made herself comfortable on the bed and I turned on some cartoons. I watched her as she pulled snacks out of her bag and onto the bed.

I needed to kiss her!

She was so beautiful, wearing a casual black comfy dress that went a little bit above the knee. I sat on the bed next to her and we started sharing snacks, it got a little flirty again and I knew this was my the time.

We were feeding each other chocolate covered strawberries and finally as I was feeding her one, she took a bite and I grabbed her and started kissing her strawberry lips. It took her by surprise but she loved it! She started kissing me back as she wrapped her arms around me. She tasted so sweet. I felt her soft tongue against mine and I couldn’t get enough. She pulled away after a little bit, out of breath. And in a hushed voice she whispered, “I’m sorry, I don’t know what i’m doing.”

Part One

Come back Saturday for part two! Or, if you can’t wait, listen to my audio to hear how it ends! If you like hearing about my first time stories, check out My Virginity And How I Lost It!



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