Fined by the Fire Department – Part 2

Still in the Office

We were still in the office, and the notion of a ticket was far from my mind.  By the time Ben had slid his throbbing cock down my throat, I had worked myself up.  My pussy was tingling.  I could feel my panties getting wetter and wetter.  We had dinner reservations, and I was hungry, but food could wait.  I was thinking of the elevator, but I needed to quench my thirst first.

I took Ben’s cock down my throat and swallowed.  As I slowly dragged my lips from the base of his dick to the tip, I felt that twitch followed by those sweet warm shots of juicy cum.  He couldn’t hold it.  He apologized and said he had been thinking about my lips all day.  Funny, I had never really thought he was interested in me that way until I saw his stiff cock in my face.  Now he had unleashed the beast.  He would be sorry, he was going to satisfy me if it was the last thing he did that night.

In the Elevator

We dressed and headed out the door.  As I reached back to fix my shirt into my waistband, the elevator doors opened and Ben grabbed me and pulled me into the elevator and his arms to kiss me all in the same motion.  It was very Hollywood.  And I have to admit, it was really hot.  As we kissed, I thought about how much fun it would be to take his dick right here, right now in this elevator.  I surveyed the walls and the ceiling while he was kissing me more passionately.  I didn’t see any cameras.  That was when I pushed the stop/close doors button.

Hold That Button!

Ben took my face in his hands and told me to turn around and bend over and not to take my finger off that button.  I happily complied.  I felt him gently bend down and pull my skirt up over my hips.  He started to caress my ass cheeks gently and then unyieldingly kicked my legs open.  I could feel my pussy starting to get wet again as he softly pulled my panties down.  My nipples instantly got hard when I heard his belt buckle and then his zipper.  I  reached back to touch his dick, but he swatted my hand and grabbed it, holding it against my back as he reminded me not to let go of that button.  I hoped I wouldn’t get a ticket for keeping the doors closed.

A Final Push

The feeling of his rock hard dick popping into my pussy and pushing slowly into me was like heaven.  His hands moving from my hips to brace my hand and pull my hair felt amazing.  The slow build up was ecstasy and torture at the same time.  I wanted him to pound me hard.  He took his time.  It was so worth it.  I was moaning like a common whore.  It felt so good.  All that teasing he did paid off as I creamed so hard on his dick I lost my breath.  He came so hard and deep inside me, I felt him dripping out of me for days afterwards.

It Was All on Camera

As he held and kissed me, he pulled my skirt back down, but slid my panties in his pocket.  I still had my finger on the elevator button and the alarm started to sound.  We stayed in the elevator, kissing and feeling our bodies moving and breathing against each other.  When the firemen opened the door they were smiling.  I didn’t know why until we were taken aside and given an actual ticket.  The button had triggered an emergency signal to the fire department.

When the fire truck got to the building, they stopped off at the Security Guards desk and watched everything that was happening in the elevator on a monitor that was a straight connection to the cameras in the elevator.  Ben and I were given a fine for causing a false emergency response and to this day, the firemen around the corner from his office make it a point of waving when I walk by.


I never mean to cause trouble, and sometimes accidents happen.  Check back in a few weeks when I tell you about the time I played blackjack with my neighbors.  Did you miss Part 1 of this story?  You can find it here.  Would you like to hear me telling this story?  The audio version is available to purchase here.  If you liked this true tale, check out this erotic story!

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