FinDom Fun with Scarlett – Part 2

The rest of the meal with Scarlett’s FinDom paypiggy went by without incident, until it was time for desert. Scarlett slipped a silver shoe off of her pedicured foot, and ran her toes up the inseam of her patron’s pants, stopping at the bulge in his pants. “You’ve pleased your Goddess.” She remarked, as calmly as if she was commenting on the weather. “I will allow you to be my paypiggy patron.” She smiled innocently at him and wiggled her toes on his cock, as he gripped the edge of the table.

“Th-thank you, Mistress.” He gasped. She gestured for a waiter to bring the check, and slipped her shoe back on. 

“I trust that dinner is on you.” She said, and her tone made it clear that it was NOT up for negotiation. He merely nodded and pulled out his credit card. “Be sure you tip well. I can’t stand people who don’t tip.” She lied – it didn’t matter to her, but she reveled in the fact that she could command him to spend his money however she wanted him to, and he obeyed without question. 

Dessert, anyone?

As they stood outside after paying, waiting for a cab, Scarlett turned to him. “My ride here cost me $50, and my ride home will probably cost the same. Plus, we were there for an hour, and my time is valuable.” She took out her phone and made some calculations. “$400 should cover it.” She told him. He stood there, gazing at her reverently. “…well?” She snapped her fingers in front of his face, and patted his head as he scrambled to send her more money. “Good paypiggy.” She cooed. As the taxi pulled up, she leaned forward and kissed his cheek. “Next time you want to cum, I’ll expect a tribute.” She purred softly in his ear, and slid into the cab. He nodded and closed the door behind her.

That night, after washing off her makeup and changing into her pajamas, Scarlett’s phone buzzed. He had sent her $100, and a video – he was stroking himself to her pictures. She hadn’t noticed before, but a wedding band shone on his left ring finger. The sight of it filled her with glee – she was a luxury product, and she had never been happier. She looked at her bank account, steadily climbing as he sent more and more…she slid her hand into her panties…

He wouldn’t be the only one cumming that night.

Your Queen and Goddess,




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