Financial draining, hand your wallet over to Aria part two

Hey there naughty paypig! Are you looking to be financially drained? How dare you read part one of my blog and NOT contact me! I’m not putting in all this work to write a blog for you, just so you can wank off and not follow through…

I’m here to take your wallet, put you on your knees, and have you worship me. I am a Goddess. I deserve your love and devotion. My petite frame and intoxicating eyes are weapons forged for using men like the worthless little paypigs that they are.

I don’t want you to bother unless you are setting up a long call to dedicate time to me, or buying my items from the store to show how much I matter to you. That’s how I’ll know you love me. When I get the notification that one of you pervy men have bought an audio, picture set, or even my panties. All those things make me so incredibly happy!

Even just the thought of men in search of offering the money in their bank to a little girl like me… Buying my things, offering me gifts? It really makes a girl feel pampered. I deserve to be pampered… right? In return, I offer you my time. I offer you my love and affection, and some may get my firm hand if that is all they want in return.

So I’m not an unreasonable Goddess.

I’m not asking for the world. I’m just asking to be your world. To be your guiding light in this terribly dark world. When fear or despair are prevalent in this age, I offer you the warmth and comfort of my embrace. So all it will cost you is your wallet. But that’s a bargain when you consider what you get out of it.

So come to me, of your own free will. In the spirit of the holiday season. They say that giving gifts is more satisfying than receiving… so why don’t you show me how Merry of a Christmas you wish me? So I’ll make sure to tell Santa what a good boy you are if you do. And who knows… maybe I’ll let you have a taste of me under the mistletoe.

So whatever it is you are looking for in a Financial Goddess, I am the one you seek. Your budget queen, your sugar baby, your sweet young investment. I’ll greet you with a smile and an outstretched hand. And you’ll know, deep in your heart, that this is right.

Who can put a price on piece of mind?


So did you miss part one of my Financially drained blog? Well click here to get yourself caught up. It lists my rules on approaching me to be your FinDom Goddess. Or if you are ready to open your wallet for a sweet taste of what I offer, an audio is available for purchase.




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