Financial draining, hand your wallet over to Aria part one

So in the spirit of the holiday season, I’m sure you have been feeling the spirit of giving. Lucky for me, I’m feeling the spirit of taking. So I figured a good financial draining was in order. I’m looking for the perfect little paypig to worship at my feet and hand me all their cold hard cash. Are you needing financial guidance from a firm Goddess such as myself? Do you crave to pamper me like I deserve, and have me hold your purse strings? I’ll put you on a budget like nobodies business.

Let’s start out with how you will approach me. Normally a paypig comes groveling to a Goddess, seeking her out. So I’m no different. I’m not here to beg for scraps of men who have no idea what it means to be financially dominated. You come to me.

So my favorite way to be approached is when my potential paypig emails me. Not one of those one to two sentence inquiries, fishing for a hit. I only take the time out for a thorough and thoughtful inquiry. Lay out exactly what you seek. What you offer, and what you hope to gain from me as your Goddess.

Are you the type that wants your Goddess to slowly drain your bank account until you have nothing? Or are you looking for someone to give you a strict budget and make sure you do not stray from it? I always require you to tell me what type of domination to crave. That makes it easier for the both of us to proceed.

Secondly, tell me what you are offering for this service.

Because I’m damn sure not offering it for free! Will you commit to regular calls of a predetermined length? So will you purchase things from my storefront? Or maybe you’ll give me monetary compensation solely for being your dedicated Goddess? You have to convince me that it’s worth my while if I’m going to accept you as my lowly little paypig.

Lastly, what are you hoping to gain? This is a two way street after all… Is it the structure? Someone you can lean on to take over the burden of finances? Maybe you just aren’t good at handling your own wallet, and feel more secure if it’s in responsible hands. Or maybe, the thought of giving all your money to a petite dream like me gets your jollies off.

If you come clean about your motives, there won’t be any misunderstandings between us. I’ll be more receptive to responding to your email. I’ll invite you to call me to discuss the specifics of an arrangement. So maybe I’ll whisper those honeyed words into your ear, easing all those worries from your shoulders.

I am a Goddess after all. Who is a better choice than me?

Are you intrigued by part one of my financially drained blog? Come back Friday to catch part two. Or if you want a small taste of some financial domination, open up your wallet, get out your card, and buy my audio. It’s paypig approved.




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