Financial Domination with Goddess Faith – Part 2

I have a pay piggy who is just so much fun to play with.  We even have a code word that I use when it’s time for him to tribute me. I just say it at random times when he least expects it, and he authorizes me to charge his card and give myself a tip! He gets so hard when I say our special word, because he never knows when or if I’m going to say it.  Eventually he can’t control it, and he cums…then pays me again. He is required to pay me for every orgasm he has, whether we are on the phone or not. That way, I’m always in his head. He realizes that making me happy, by giving me money is his biggest reward, though…even more than the pleasure of his orgasm.

We also have a really fun game that we play!  He has his credit card set up so that every time a transaction occurs, he gets an alert on his phone.  That means, that every time I shop online with his card he’s notified. Doesn’t that sound like so much fun?  Imagine being at work, in a board meeting, and you get the alert on your phone from Victoria’s Secret.  Would you be able to hide the bulge in your pants, knowing that I’m spending your money on panties, bras, and lingerie? As the available balance on your credit card decreases, you cock gets harder and harder!  Will you cum when I have used all the credit available, or will you give me another card to shop with? Will I demand you to give me a new card, or will I threaten to tell? I guess we will have to see what kind of mood I’m in.

Financial domination is the most intense form of edging.

I consider Financial Domination to be a type of advanced power exchange, because the choice to participate has lasting effects.  If you are a submissive getting a spanking, it hurts while you are receiving the discipline, but the next day or so it’s just a fading memory.   If money is exchanged, that is a permanent exchange. When you give me your money, not only do you not have it the day that you give it to me, but you still don’t have it tomorrow or the next day. I get to enjoy the money, spend it, enjoy what I purchase with it, and you get to enjoy the credit card bill for it. That’s financial domination in a nutshell.

I know your pay piggy heart is pounding while you read this. Your cock is twitching and aching to be touched.  All you have to do is get your credit card out and pick up the phone and call me. I guarantee you will have the hottest financial domination phone sex experience of your life. You won’t be able to get enough of me, and I won’t be able to get enough of your wallet. We are going to have so much fun together and I can’t wait to explore it with you.

You will pay…and you will LOVE it!

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Thank you for reading my naughty diary! 




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