Financial Domination with Goddess Faith – Part 1

You all know that I spend a lot of time as an age play princess, and I totally am that, but I thought I’d share something about me that you probably don’t know. I am also financial domination Goddess.  In fact, there is nothing that turns me on more than controlling your cock…and your wallet. I take the role of financial domination very seriously and have become very good at it!

The thing about being a financial dominatrix is I don’t need your money.  I am a self-sufficient and powerful Goddess who can take care of myself.  Your money is a luxury.  I use it to get mani/pedis and take my friends for spa days. Your money is for shopping and extravagant purchases that I WANT, not need.

Your money is a gift to me…that you really didn’t want to give but you really have no choice in the matter.

There are so many ways that I can turn you into my human ATM.  We can start small…a 10-minute call with a tribute.  Then as we build our relationship, the sky is the limit.  We can create you a budget that includes your payments to me. I’m sure there are many areas in your current budget that we can whittle down, so my portion becomes more significant. As we get you on an acceptable pay schedule, you will come to understand the pleasure that being my money slave provides.

As our fin-domme relationship continues, I will decide how much money you can spend every day of the week. It could be $5 one day and then $15 the next.  You could find that yourself in the position of not being allowed to spend any money at all. In no time, you will get to the point that you ask me before spending any amount of money and find that only I know what is best for you.

You have handed over the control of your financial life to me, and it is mine to do with what I please!

There’s something about my sweet little voice that makes you want to give me everything you have.  I have ways about me that make you cave, and you wind up giving me your most personal details and before you know what’s happening I have exactly the info you didn’t want me to have.  Eventually, I will have your credit card information, bank account information and home address.  Who knows, you may even slip and give me information about your wife.  The fear of knowing that if you don’t do as I say, I could ruin you keeps you motivated to please me.  Knowing how very easy it would be for me to contact your wife and tell her all about you and your hobby (me), will keep the money flowing. I love hearing you whimper. You know you’ve done this to yourself, but you just can’t seem to help it.

To Be Continued…

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