Fetishes have always intrigued me.

Like really intrigued me. I enjoy perusing through the porn sites and seeing what is new and what makes my pussy soaking wet and pulsate just from the title.

So, when this happened, I was in awe of myself and quickly obsessed and definitely ready, willing, and able.

By chance, I matched with a hot guy on Tinder. We set up a hookup for the next night at a local bar.

I never try too hard on these as they are, well just a hookup so you know.

Anyways, I put on a sundress with a cute pair of thongs underneath. No bra, well because it would most likely be a hit and run if you know what I mean.

I walked in and he was sitting at a table in the back, just like he had told me. As I walked toward him, I thought “wow he is pretty cute.” I was a little excited about this one and my pussy did the happy dance.

I sat down and he poured me a margarita from the pitcher.

We talked and laughed and drank and ate chips and salsa.

I had no intention of spending this much time with him but, you know what? I was having fun and the anticipation of riding his long slong would make it even hotter.

We talked about work and play, and hobbies and he told me he was going to a convention this weekend. I told him I had plans by the pool.

We laughed and as we poured the last drink, he took my hand. His hands were so soft. So big and so strong. Looking me in the eye he asks if I would like to go back to his place. I smiled and nodded my head yes.

I excused myself to the bathroom and was shocked at how wet my pussy was. Just wiping myself made me moan. I don’t know if it was him or the alcohol, but I was revved. I couldn’t stop myself and masturbated in the bathroom stall. Putting one foot on the toilet and rubbing my clit and plunging my fingers inside of myself until I was quivering with orgasm. I then licked my cum covered fingers as I walked out.

When I got back to the table he took my hand. Yes, the one that was just covered in my juices. The one that was still probably covered in my juices. He kissed it and then looked directly into my eyes. He knew I know he knew.

We went back to his house and I was like putty in his hands.

He knew exactly what to do.

His townhome was immaculate, and he graciously guided me up the stairs to his bedroom. I followed him like a puppy.

There he turned me around, unzipped my dress, and let it fall to the floor. I stepped out of my shoes as he carried me to the bed.

He laid me on my back. Still clothed he put my hands above me and held them with one hand as he kissed me. Slowly at first and then so passionately. I purred as his other hand grazed up and down my panty-covered body. He teased me for what seemed an hour.

He made his way down my body, caressing me with his tongue. Sucking on my breasts and cupping my pussy with his hands. My body molding to him. I wanted him so bad. My panties were soaking wet.

He slid my panties off and pushed his finger inside of me.

Pushing against my g-spot he brought me to an incredible squirting orgasm. He licked my pussy clean and then kissed me again.

Would you like to try something different tonight babe? I was in such a state I would have submitted to anything he wanted. “Yes, anything you want” I whispered to him.

Kissing my cheek and running his fingers up and down my body, he told me he would be right back.

Then I lay there glowing and wanting him more. My pussy swelling with want I waited for him.

Then he walked back into the room, and I looked up to see a shadow of what looked like a giant fox. Perplexed and confused I started to sit up.

The figure moved over towards me. Laying its fur-covered hand on me and whispering in my ear. I am Rinaldo. Lay back and enjoy.

I hope you have enjoyed reading part 1 of my Fetishes have always intrigued me  blog. Please come back on Thursday to hear part 2. If you can’t wait until Thursday then you can purchase my audio blog and hear this story in my sexy voice.

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