Fetish Freak – Hailey’s Date to Remember (Part 1)

I’m so excited to tell you about my date with the fetish freak. You guys all know that I am someone who loves to test her limits. I’m into the extreme and kink. It’s no surprise that I tend to date guys who are kind of on the same level as me. Of course, I also love the innocent ones that I can slowly convert and corrupt. 

Well, this past weekend, I would be the one who would be having her limits taken to the extreme. It was my turn to enjoy some fetish play.

I ended up matching with this guy on tinder, and we really hit it off. We texted and talked on the phone for a couple of days before deciding to meet up. 

The day came for our date, and we had decided to just have a night in at his place. Usually, for first dates, I’m not one to go to the person’s house right off, but he really wanted to cook me dinner, and just enjoy a quiet night in with me, so I agreed. 

Throughout the day, my date kept texting me, sending me flirty emojis, along with random pictures.

Expecting to open my phone to find dick picks, I was taken back when I saw a picture of black studded high heels on my phone. Before I could come up with a response, he texted me, asking if I had any shoes like the ones in the picture, and if I did, I should wear them for our date tonight.

I then received some more pictures. This time, pictures of stockings, and a picture of a girl in a black pencil skirt. He asked me if I had any clothes like the clothing in the pictures. I sent back a smiley face and told him I would see what I could find.

It was a little surprising that this was only our first date, and he was already suggesting what I should wear. I was a bit thrown off and put off, but I still wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt, and see what he had to offer.

Searching through my closet, I found a strapless black dress that went down just above my knee. I found a pair of closed-toe heels, black with silver jewels on the sides.

Thinking about it,  I figured a nice tan pair of nylons would be perfect with this outfit.

I drove to his house and gave a firm knock on the door. He opened it, and I was happy to see him looking as cute as he was in his pictures.  He greeted me with a smile and a hug and invited me inside.

Looking around, I could tell he was a clean guy and kept his house pretty nice. He worked as a professional, so he had a bit of money, hence all of the nice furniture and paintings on the wall.

He led me into his living room where a bottle of wine was sitting on a coffee table with 2 glasses on each side.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my fetish freak story so far.  Make sure and check out part 2 on Thursday.  If you can’t wait until Thursday to hear how my story ends, then you should purchase my audio blog! You won’t be disappointed.

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