Feel the Fire, Ariel’s Pyrophiliac Dream Part Two

Winding up at a friend’s house I grabbed a beer and made my way to feel the fire, at least the heat. The hiss and smoke caught my attention first and then like a burst this fiery-haired goddess turned around and looked directly at me. The smile that lit up her face when we met eyes was almost as bright as the flames burning from her red hair. 

I walked up to her and extended my beer in cheers and her eyes glinted with that same live spark and she said, “what are we saluting too?”

“To finding the Gaelic Fire Goddess of my dreams,” I answered and clinked my bottle with hers.

With only the slightest smirk she took a swig and said, “Hey, I’m Chloe.” I mumbled something in response as the fire caught my attention. I couldn’t focus anymore. The urges I’d already had earlier and now this fiery-haired goddess. I had this sudden overwhelming urge to just walk into the flames.

Instead, I turned and latched on to her. Sliding my hand into her hair and pulling her mouth to mine. I took my need for the fire out on her mouth and the flame nipped right back.

Stopping to look into her sparkling green eyes I laughed. “You really are a Gaelic fire goddess.” I grabbed her hand and started making my way to the outskirts of the party, outside of where people were lingering. Nearly singeing the grass with the heat emitting from us. Catching her off guard I spun her into me by our linked hands. 

My bottle thudded on the soft grass as I engulfed myself in the flame that was this gorgeous goddess. 

I drug her to the ground with me, watching her kneeling in front of me peeling off that tight little tank top. My hands following the hem gliding up her slim, soft body. Breasts so round yet natural made their way into my mouth. My tongue meeting her nipples and swirling. 

Sliding out from under her and dragging my pants off at the same time, I gently laid her on the grass. Spreading her sexy little legs and running my tongue up her inner thigh. I could taste her juices the moment my tongue met the crevice between her soft thighs and her gorgeous little cunt.

I played her perfect little clit with my tongue, caressing her soft slit with my fingertips.

No longer able to contain myself, I spread her wider and run my throbbing pussy up her leg until our openings linked together needing to feel the fire between us. Quickly finding a rhythm rocking into each other, I feel the flame from her burn. Until it’s like we’ve reached the center of the earth. Then everything explodes and we collapse into a sweaty mess. Hands, mouths, and bodies still tangled. My arm across her chest and I can feel her heart racing. See the curve of a smile at the corner of her mouth and I lay my lips there.

“Guess I owe you a proper date now,” I say as she fades away and I slowly awaken, body on fire and her image in my mind. When I see the fire it still causes that spark. The spark just fades a little more quickly now.

Want to hear more? Check out Chloe’s blog about our First Date! Or buy my Audio to hear the desire when I touch her.

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