Feel the Fire, Ariel’s Pyrophiliac Dream Part One

I woke up in the middle of the night. Dazed with this yearning. I had no idea what was going on, or where the feeling came from Suddenly I just had this affinity for fire. A need to watch the flames jump and burn.  To feel the fire, the heat of it on my skin. I thought I was suddenly a pyromaniac or something, but it was different. It wasn’t just a regular need, it was sexual. Causing a spark in my stomach that kindled its way lower until it reached the soft spot between my thighs. Making me feel the same way I used to feel when I was away from Mr. for too long. I couldn’t tell it was a dream yet.

Getting out of bed I made my way to the kitchen looking for something that would burn. Noticing the stove I turned it on and watched as the coils slowly started glowing red. The light and heat almost put me in a trance. I broke my gaze and switched the useless machine off. I need something with a real flame, I needed to see and feel the fire.

My pussy is throbbing with desire.

When I finally found a box of matches my skin was tingling. The thought of lighting one. With the strike, suddenly a wetness appears between my legs. The smell of sulfur, watching it spark. I don’t notice the matchstick shrinking until the flame singes my fingers. My head clears some as I cum all over my other hand, but I don’t even remember starting to touch myself. 

Still dazed, confused, and a little afraid I made my way to my desk. Searching through the internet I start looking up sexual attraction caused by fire. Some of the stories I found were so crazy. Some of the things people did just to get that gratification, but somehow it made sense. 

I understood what they were describing. Imagining the sweat beading on my body as I watch the flame jump higher. The scent of the wood-burning, hearing the crackle. Again the sweet spot between my legs slowly slickened. 

Tingles traveled through my belly causing my hand to snake back between my warm thighs. 

I snapped myself back out of it refocusing on the words on my screen. It turns out I’m not a pyromaniac, I’m a pyrophiliac, or at least I feel like one. Both want to feel the burn as the heat radiates. They have an affliction to the fire. Pyrophiliacs are specified by the sexual gratification from seeing or feeling the fire. Pyromaniacs don’t get hard or wet from the flame the way a pyrophiliac does.

I needed to find a flame any kind of flame. It’s Saturday night, I’m sure someone’s having a fire so I get dressed and make my way to the outskirts of town where the parties are happening on the weekends.

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  1. Chloe Sinclair December 31, 2020 at 8:31 am

    I loved reading this! it was so hot and it left me wanting to read more.


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