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Fantasy Adult Stories continued…

It actually makes sense and feels better when she licks the inside of my cotton candy glazed juice box. Even as far as her abnormally long and penetrating tongue travels down my sopping wet cum soaked pussy, I sob. She loves to lick down my sweet pussy line to get to my magnificent ass. While she is there in my playpen, sometimes she tongue tickles my ass before she drives her gigantic forceful tongue into my asshole.

I let her immerse herself into the Fantasy Adult Stories of my body,

and I am engulfed by her soft, beautiful skin, and touch. This woman makes me feel as good as any man that I have ever been with, and I have been with a lot. I love men, but there is that one exception, and she is the perfect exception. Her body is soft as silk; her eyes gleam against the moon; she is beyond enticing.

My body starts to feel her sensual waves and vibes when she gets off the plane. I see her, and I think of all the lovemaking we will be doing. The best part about her is when we share a lover after thoroughly engaging in each other’s essence.

My tiny cock clit loves her.

I always feel so good to make the right guy with the right attitude, exceptionally lucky to be the guy we choose. Together she and I take control of our romantic scene, and we cause multiple erections as well as numerous eruptions.

My special lover and I always show appreciation for the male body. I love to twist my tongue gently around his tender cum filled balls while she engulfs the sturdy veiny shaft.

Our tiny cock clit pussies drip with sweet sexual sweat and honey cum from before. I love to lead her mouth to a man’s taint.

We take over once we have him on his stomach and ready to submit. When my lover and I get a man to the point of total submission, we control his asshole. I open his weak and wanting ass cheeks. We have to know for sure his ass is ready to take even more than her beast of a tongue. I get him ready to take our 9 inches and 12-inch massive strap-ons.

I spit and lick and dig my fingers into his thumping butthole.

When a man starts to beg me for the Fantasy Adult Stories of feeling my hard cock forcing into his anal canal, I lose all control.

I want to make him feel like a helpless woman; my senses tell me to make her push all of that cock deeper as I feed his face. She needs to be the one with the super long cock because her tongue allows her to dominate holes so well.

My lover and I are team members we have created a sexual experience that cannot be denied. We make love to each other, starting from foreplay all the way to totally satisfying a man. I get hungry as soon as we get together, as I said before. I always want a special guy to sponsor a trip for me and my lover on a fantasy-filled sex escapade.

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