Mommy Teaches son about a Woman’s Body part 2

Mommy teaches her son well, He didn’t even hesitate. His pants were off so quick and my hand found his cock even faster. 

It throbbed in my hand as I started to rub and massage his hard cock.  I then reached down and fondled his balls as he started to moan.  His cock was starting to jump and jerk on it’s own and I knew it wouldn’t take long now!

For his next lesson, I straddled his face and leaned down in a 69 position and began sucking his cock.

Following mommy’s teaching lead his tongue found my pussy and he started to lick and suck.  I left him know how to pay special attention to my clit.  Making sure to follow my instructions he sucked on my clit !

and ran the tip of his tongue up one side and down the other side.  Taking the initiative he even plunged his tongue right into my cunt.  I couldn’t believe what a fast learner he was!

I licked up and down his hard cock and sucked on the head.

Kissing the very tip of his cock I slowly stuck the tip of my tongue into the tip of his cock.  Jumping in surprise he left our his own involuntary moan.  I felt his body starting to tense and I knew he was getting ready to explode!  Mommy was teaching him well!

His virgin cock didn’t take long to shoot his cum into his Mommy’s mouth!

The taste of my son’s cum shooting into the back of my throat sent me over the edge! I could not hold it back any longer.  Starting down deep in my core I felt it pulsating through me and I knew it would be explosive!

My body tensed as I felt myself letting loose, great big squirts shot out of my pussy right into my sons’ mouth!  I was shaking and moaning and it was at that point that I realized that my son was actually lapping up and swallowing ever bit of my cum and looking for more!  Mommy continued to teach him well!

I love my son…and I would do anything for him.  That includes teaching him about a woman’s body and how to please it.  My son is a very fast learner and I know that he is going to make alot of girls very happy in the future but for now I am the one who is going to benefit from it.

And why not he is my son and I am the one teaching him.

My son is going to be a great lover because Mommy teaches him well, and I know some people would look upon this as taboo or something else.  I look at it as satisfying a boy’s curiosity and reaping the rewards of it in the process.  What can I say I love sex and I love my son, sounds like a perfect combination if you ask me!

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