Family Fun Roleplay – Kissing Cousins At Family BBQ – NAT – A – 0018 – 6-26-23 – Part 2

It’s great to have you back for the forbidden conclusion to this steamy family fun roleplay!

I want to kiss you so bad.

It’s what I’ve been dreaming about every day leading up to our family’s barbeque. Now that I’ve felt your desire for me, I want to kiss you even more! But you’re my cousin… if anyone were to catch us making out, we would be in serious trouble. And I hate to admit it, but honestly, that turns me on too. It makes me even hornier thinking about it as our naughty little secret. I give you desperately, lustful looks all through dinner. I purposely lean forward on my hands so you can see down my shirt from across the picnic table. You even play footsie with me, egging on my flirtatious behavior. Everyone else is too busy chatting and laughing with each other to notice anything unusual between us. But we’re both so horny for each other we can hardly stand it!

The sun begins to set, bringing the first fireworks.

With the fireworks set up, the entire family gathers their lawn chairs together for the best view. I use the commotion to quietly slip inside the house. You’re standing near the front door in the living room, waiting for me. “Did anyone follow you?” you ask. “No, everyone’s getting ready to watch the fireworks.” Then we hear the cracks of the first fireworks shooting up into the sky. “Good. We’ve got a few minutes with everyone distracted. Come with me.” 

You open the door to the living room closet.

We push the coats aside and you quietly shut the door. Then you lift my hands above my head, pushing me against the wall. You press your body against mine, kissing my lips. It’s even better than I imagined. Your tender lips make me melt inside. With your tongue in my mouth, you take your other hand and cup my breast. I softly moan into your mouth, encouraging you to touch any part of my body. Your hand drifts down my breast to my ass, squeezing it under my skirt. Then I feel your fingers on my kitty again. 

You press your hard cock into my leg as you rub my kitty with your right hand. 

You pull down my panties as you get on your knees to lick my pussy. I let out a sharp, high-pitched moan of unexpected pleasure. I cover my mouth with my hand as you continue licking my pussy. In just a few minutes, I squeeze your head tightly as I orgasm all over your face. My juices flow onto your lips, and you hungrily savor every drop. We realize we’ve been gone a while and you tell me to quickly pull up my panties. We kiss once more, and I squeeze your hard cock as I taste my juices on your lips. You tell me this isn’t over, and I promise to make you cum later tonight. After all, we’ll be staying in the same room tonight, just like we do every year at the family barbeque…


I have a passion for writing naughty stories, and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. If you enjoyed Part Two of this family fun roleplay and want more, listen to me read my filthy story to you in my sexy voice, and get extra-spicy details in my audio!

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