Family Fun-Part 2

Obviously, I know I was not supposed to want to fuck my brother-in-law. I mean family fun is definitely a little taboo. Even though I have played a little with it this is my sister’s husband. Just taking in his abs and the way he was stroking his cock had me losing my judgment. So, I  unhooked my top and I flung it at him. Slowly, I started pulling and tugging on my nipples to the rhythm to match him stroking his massive cock. The hot water made my nipples stand at attention as I flicked them. Now, I am normally a pretty aggressive girl, but for some reason, I was feeling very timid. This time I needed him to make the first move, but it did not seem as though he was going to. 


I was growing impatient, and I wanted to be fucked. So, I slid off the bottoms to my bikini and decided that I was going to have to start this family fun event. Suddenly, his arms were on both sides of my head, pinning me against the wall. He whispered into my ear, telling me how he had been watching me for years. He has always wanted to fuck me, and he could not contain it any longer. His mouth found mine as he kissed me hard. I could feel his throbbing shaft tapping on my thigh. As a result, I parted my legs letting him in, but he surprised me. Placing his hands under my cute bouncy ass, he lifted me out of the tub placing me on the edge. Without warning, his face was buried in my snatch. 


Fuck family fun is intense. He was driving me crazy. 


His tongue parted my lips as he started sucking on my clit. Next, he put his pointer finger inside of me. Curling it inside of me so he could hit my U spot. As a result, I came fast and hard all over his mouth. So, I knew I wanted to return the favor with as much flair as he gave it to me. Sliding down into the tub I held my breath and went under the water. Shit, his dick was huge. I opened wide and took that giant thing into my mouth. Now, I have never ever given head under the water, but I was going to try. Honestly, I did not last long. I was driving him crazy and he decided he could not wait. 


He grabbed me and turned me around. Pinning my titties against the wall of the hot tub. The hot water splashed over the edge His large strong hands spread my cheeks as he slid his cock into my tight fuckhole. I moaned so loud that he had to cover my mouth to keep from waking up the kids. We sure did not need any interruption. 


If you want to hear how this blog ended go get that audio 

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