Family Fun – Part 1


My sister wanted to go out of town for a few days. Even though she is married, she was concerned about leaving her kids and all alone with her hubby.  Honestly, it is a lot to handle, so I get it. She asked me if I could stay there for a few days. Fuck it, it would give me some quality time with my nieces and nephews. I love being the cool aunt!  So, I obliged. I mean who would have ever thought I would be in for a dirty weekend of family fun? Now I am stuck holding this dirty little secret from my sister and I just have to share it with someone. Obviously, you came to mind. Who better to share my dirty secrets with, after all? 


Now, I should start off by saying my sister definitely married and fell in love because he is hot. He is a strong, tall, man’s man. Very handy and was a high school athlete. That being said, he aged very well and he is still very sexy. Her husband takes very good care of himself and works out 5 days a week. I think that is part of why she wanted me there. Not that he isn’t a good father, he is just a little self-absorbed. They have a hot tub and pool, so I packed a few bikinis and dresses and headed over. In the car, I was wondering if I could handle playing mommy for three days. That is a lot of adulting, and let’s face it I am far from a mommy.


Family fun was not even a thought on my mind at that moment. 


Honestly, I was running late I had a lunch date. So, when I got there my sister was already gone and the house was a bit crazy. Quickly, I stepped in giving the kids art projects and starting dinner. I could tell that my brother-in-law was grateful and that made me feel so very good about what I was doing. All of my worries melted away as I fell into the wife and mother role easily. To be honest, this shit was exhausting. By the time I got the little ones to bed, all I really wanted was some relaxation. I put on my little blue bikini and slid into the hot tub. I turned on some music and lay my head back.


Family fun was so very far from my mind.


So, I had my eyes closed and hardly heard him getting into the hot tub with me. Finally, a splash caught my attention. By the time I looked up, he was sitting across from me with a smile on his face. Wait, is there chlorine in my eyes or was he naked?


It was dark so it was tough to tell, but I could not see shorts on him. The water was hitting his chiseled abs and it was getting difficult to stop staring. Finally, I looked away only to see that smile had spread as he watched me check him out. His hand went to his lap and he started stroking his cock. Wait, what was happening? Was my brother-in-law trying to fuck me? Honestly, my pussy responded to his stroking by throbbing. It seemed as though I had a choice to make and my body was going to decide for me. 


To be continued. . .


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