Family Fun, Lexi experiences some family fun part two

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You reach out with a trembling hand and pinch the sheet between thumb and forefinger. Then you pull it toward you as slowly as you can. Your eyes are glued to the outline of his cock as the sheet slides gently over it.

Your uncle stirs and you freeze, not daring to breathe. Then he shifts position, turning his hips toward you, causing the sheet to slip and do most of the remaining work for you.

You hold your breath for as long as you can, then gently exhale when you become sure he is still sleeping. Then you give the sheet one final, gentle tug.

You bite your lip and stare at Uncle Curtis’s naked cock, now exposed in all its glory to your lustful gaze. It’s thick, veiny, slightly bent, nice length too, and it looks as hard as a wooden baseball bat, with a perfectly cut meaty head, a perfect light pink color in the moonlight. It looks good enough to eat.

The sharp fear of being caught soon dissipates and your horniness returns.

Your panties are now soaked with your own juices and the wet sounds of your fingers plunging in and out of your hole can easily be heard clearly above Uncle Curtis’s gentle breathing.

You’re getting closer and closer to cumming, but another dangerous thought intrudes. What would it be like to touch it?

You pull your hand out of your panties and reach towards your uncle’s cock, your own juices glistening on your fingers in the moonlight. After the smallest hesitation you make contact. Then your middle fingertip gently brushes along the underside of his shaft, leaving a snail-trail of your pussy juice as you ever-so-slowly-and-softly trace your finger along towards the head. The skin of his prick is smooth as silk.

When your finger reaches that place on the underside where the skin attaches to the glans, you accidentally scrape that sensitive part with your nail. Uncle Curtis’s cock twitches and he lets out a sigh in his sleep.

By now you’re getting bolder.

He seems to be a deep sleeper, so you barely wait five seconds before going for broke and grasping his cock in your hand. It feels so alive in your hand, so warm and full of energy. One might even say it throbs. You can feel it start to swell with each beat of his heart in response to your touch

Uncle Curtis’s cock is so delicious-looking that you feel an overpowering urge to lean over and suck it. You could probably get away with it. He’s obviously a deep sleeper — he didn’t wake when you grabbed his cock, so you’re probably safe to put it in your mouth too.

Satisfied with your impeccable logic, you point his semi-hard dick skyward and lean over him, your hair brushing his hip. He smells good, fresh from the shower he took before going to bed. You lick your lips, then slowly engulf his knob with your mouth.

Your heart is fluttering from nerves and the sheer excitement that comes from having this most intimate part of Uncle Curtis’s anatomy inside you. You gently explore the head of his penis with your tongue, feeling the shape of the glans and the little slit at the top. Then you take him deeper, your lips sliding down his shaft, until he’s half-way in and your lips touch the fingers of your hand that’s clutching him at the base.

Uncle Curtis’s cock pulses in your hand and you feel it grow slightly.

Slowly you start bobbing your head up and down, coating him with your spit, feeling him grow harder and harder in your mouth.

It’s incredible that you can do this without waking him! You start to wonder whether you could suck him all the way to orgasm without him ever knowing. The thought excites you enormously and you can almost feel your pussy moistening further.

Then you feel his fingers running through your hair.

You freeze, his cock buried deep in your mouth.

“Lexi?” he whispers.

You twist your head to look at his face, the head of his prick bulging in your cheek. “Mmm hmm?” you reply, desperately trying to come up with an explanation.

“Am I dreaming?” he asks.

You release his penis with a soft ‘pop’ and look back at him with a calm expression that in no way reflects the panic you feel within. “Yes Uncle Curtis, you’re dreaming. Now be still. You don’t want to wake before the dream ends, do you?”

“Fuck no,” he replies. “Lexi, I’ve –“

“Shhhh!” you interrupt. You don’t want him to add any complexity to the situation. It’s enough that you’re sucking his prick and he’s okay with that. Those two things are given. Those two things are all that matter right now.

You take him back into your mouth and he sighs. As you resume bobbing up and down you feel his hand on your head, gently caressing you and feeling your hair. He isn’t forcing you down on him, so you let him keep it there.

You don’t need to worry about waking him now, so you get rougher with your hand and a lot louder with your sucking and slurping. His cock is so hard now, it feels like there’s a steel rod inside it. You can taste salty pre-cum on your tongue.

It’s funny how this has worked out. You were the horny one, but Uncle Curtis is the one who’s scored a blowjob. You tug the crotch of your panties aside and start rubbing yourself as you suck him. Maybe you’ll both cum together. That would be nice.

“Lexi,” he moans. “I can’t last much longer…”

It’s nice of him to warn you. Swallowing cum isn’t your most favorite thing, but this is your uncle, and he’s special. You realize that all you want right now is to make him cum and taste his load.

You cup and caress his balls with fingers that are slippery with your own juices while you increase your suction and flick your tongue all around his girth. Your hand and mouth work in tandem, moving up and down faster and faster until…


he groans, and you feel his dick pulse, and your mouth is flooded with warm, salty sperm. You swallow it with a loud gulp, then plunge your head down as far as it will go, pressing his knob into the back of your throat.

“Unnhhh Lexi!” he groans again, and his hips flex, and you feel the next squirt directly in your throat. You gulp it down even while he’s still spurting.

Uncle Curtis’s fingers are clenched in your hair. You pull up for breath as he blasts another load into your mouth. This time you choke a little, and a blob of cum escapes and dribbles down your chin.

It’s mostly over now. You continue to suck until his balls are empty, then pull yourself off him when he releases your hair. Looking him in the eye you wipe his cum off your chin with the back of your hand, then lick it clean. You smile at him.

“God, Lexi, you can do that to me anytime,” he sighs.

You frown. This wasn’t for him. This was for you. And you still haven’t cum yet.

You stand up and remove your panties before climbing on to the bed and straddling his chest. His eyes widen as you wriggle your wet pussy up his body.

“Time for you to return the favor,” you tell him.

He shuffles down until his head is between your legs, your moist slit looming over him.

“Fuck, Lexi, you’re wet!” he observes.

“You’re going to make me wetter,” you reply, and you lower your cunt onto his mouth.

Uncle Curtis immediately starts tonguing your slit, slithering wetly between your hole and your stiff little clit. You feel his hands grab your ass cheeks, holding you against his face, gently squeezing and caressing your bottom as he devours your pussy.

“Ohhhh,” you sigh. He starts to focus on your clit, his tongue making circles around it, then he sucks it into his mouth.

“Ohhh fuck,” you moan, your buttocks tensing in his hands. You’re close, so fucking close. This won’t take long.

He’s not going to be able to complain about jaw ache!

You reach down and take Uncle Curtis’s head in your hands, pressing him against you, and you grind your crotch into his face. He has no oxygen, but you don’t care.

You can feel yourself start to cum. Your hips twitch and shudder, your ass quivers in his hands, and he starts licking and sucking your snatch with all the force he can muster. Then he sucks your clit again, and his teeth brush against it, and suddenly you’re seeing stars.

You convulse, grinding uncontrollably on Uncle Curtis’s face, and you feel your body release years of pent-up yearning. You’re squirting, leaking girl-cum all over him. This isn’t normal for you, but family fun is far from normal.

Your uncle starts making strained, muffled noises. You quickly raise yourself up off him and he gasps loudly for air. You look down at his face, drenched in your juices. He looks vaguely traumatized.

“Thank you,” you whisper, then lean down to kiss him, tasting yourself on his lips.

“Any time,” he replies, his eyes still watering.

You climb off him and bend down to pick up your panties, pulling them up your thighs as he watches.

“Lexi, can we –” he begins.

“Shhh,” you reply. “You’re dreaming, remember?”

You leave Uncle Curtis alone in the guest room, wondering to himself what the hell just happened. As you sneak to the bathroom to clean up, you remember something that makes you smile.

He’s going to be staying all week.

Did you enjoy my family fun story? If you missed part one of family fun, you can find it here!


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