Her jaw dropped when she saw all those hunky coed boys walk in completely naked.

But what was more shocking was when my step-dad stood up and dropped his pants revealing his huge thick cock. He was ready for family accomplice play! Her jaw practically hit the floor when that happened. So, I told her to stand up and seduce them. She needed to give them the best striptease of her life! If we were going to move on to the next step, she needed to do as I say. She then shyly started stripping off her clothes revealing her tight little body! The verdict was in, every cock in the room was rock hard watching her get naked. Nice one, I thought. But the real challenge hadn’t begun yet. 

The next step was to test her sexual talents. 

Sadly, my step-sis didn’t have too many. According to my step-dad she had a lot of room for improvement. He told me that my step-sister was not very good at blow jobs and wondered if I could show her how to be a good cock sucking whore just like me! Obviously, I never pass up a good face fucking teaching moment or family accomplice play! What I needed to do was show my step-sis how it was done. I told her to watch me as I strip naked. Then, I told her to drop down on all fours right in front of my step-dad’s huge throbbing cock. He was dripping with fresh pre-cum as he watched her get into position. The best way to learn how to suck cock is hands on play! Next, I knelt down and slowly played with her wet hot pink pussy while I showed her how my step-dad likes to get his cock sucked. 

There, in front of all those horny frat boys! 

My pussy dripped while I licked and sucked on his shaft while she watched. I showed her how a good cock sucking whore deep throats a real man’s cock. I showed how to properly work a cock with my petite hands and jerked him while I sucked on the tip of his dribbling cock. My tongue danced circles all over my step-dad’s cock and balls while my hot step-sister rubbed her wet clitty.As his horny accomplice, I then shoved her mouth right down on his cock and made her choke and gag on it! Then, I motioned for all those frat boys to ravage her free holes. She squealed when she felt them all plunge into her pussy and ass. Family accomplice play isn’t fun without a hardcore gangbang!


Do you want me to train your dirty little slut, too? I can train every slut, no matter how stubborn. Join me for the hottest and naughtiest taboo phone sex. I want to make you cum so hard, you will be drooling for more! Make sure to check out part 1 for the beginning of the story! Also, be sure to check out my audio page for the raunchier audio version of this blog. 

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