My whole family knows how much of a talented accomplice babysitter I am. In fact, they couldn’t be more proud of their little “angel.” Our naughty family loves to partake in the filthiest roleplays you can think of. We all get a total kick out of learning new kinks and fetishes together. So when the opportunity came up to try out family accomplice play, I could not pass it up. The chance to join my step dad and step sister was too hot! I couldn’t wait for our playtime. My mom told me that she and my step-dad needed my help with my hot step sister on Friday night. She’s been wanting to join the cheer squad and needed major help! She needed to learn how to have the confidence and sluttiness of a cheerleader. Of course a hot bitchy cheerleader like me is the right person for the job. 

Plus, the family bonding would do me good. 

When I got there, my cousin Matt was out in the backyard with his fraternity brothers and my mom was at her best friend’s house. It was the perfect time for me to train my step-sis! I walked into the living room and found my step-dad and step-sister were watching TV together. Perfect! Now I can show my step-sis how to be the perfect little whore cheerleader! Once I walked in, I told my step-dad to switch it to hardcore family play porn! It got me instantly wet, I could not wait to dominate that little whore! Her eyes grew super wide when the first scene came on. No wonder she needed major help! She was such a prude. Luckily for her, she learned from the best. Her little meekness will be flipped with hot family accomplice play.

And of course, my step-dad knew that he needed help from the best of the best if she was gonna get on the cheer team. 

I told her that every girl has to suck and fuck good enough to get on the squad. My step-dad said he heard stories about me from the football guys and thought I could help my step-sis learn “a few things.” Every single one of them had glowing recommendations and reviews of my many talents. After all, I cock trained all of his friends’ dirty coed dream daughters in one night! I smirked and asked what sorts of things he wanted me to teach her. Not surprisingly, he wanted me to teach her how to be the perfect subby slut with hot family accomplice play. That was too easy! I’ve been waiting all week after all. First things first, my step-sis needed to learn how to be the perfect cum rag for a whole group of guys. That’s when I called in my cousin Matt and all his frat friends.


Do you want me to train your dirty little slut, too? I can train every slut, no matter how stubborn. Join me for the hottest and naughtiest taboo phone sex. I want to make you cum so hard, you will be drooling for more! Make sure to check out part 2 for the rest of the story! Also, be sure to check out my audio page for the raunchier audio version of this blog. 

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