Fairy Tale Sex Story – Beauty And The Beast Part 2

With her thighs clenched together, Beauty opened the door to the Beast’s chamber. There he sat on his bed with the sheets covering the lower half of his body. He was naked, at least from the waist up, as far as she could tell.

Their eyes met and Beast seemed so familiar to her. Not just in the fact that they lived together for several months. It was the way they shone and sparkled. She stared into them before during long conversations but that was the first time she noticed something she hadn’t before.

Feeling more at ease, she strode to the bed. In a few motions, she turned down the blankets and crawled between them. Beast took her into his arms as gently as he could, but he was still a little rough with her.

She settled against his hairy body.

With her ear pressed against his chest, she could hear his heartbeat. It was strong and rapid and it made her think maybe he was just as nervous as herself.

To comfort him and reassure him, she tilted her head up and leaned in for a kiss. It was a little awkward since she had never done this before. From what she could tell, neither had Beast. The kiss was somewhat awkward because of his shape, but it was tender nonetheless.

Beast nuzzled himself into her neck as he rolled on top of her. This was all happening so fast but Beauty didn’t want it to stop. She wanted all of him and she wanted to give him all of her.

As softly as he could, Beast lifted up her nightdress over her head and let it fall onto the stone floor. Both of their breathing sounded like panting.

Beast took his shaft into his hands and ran the tip of it up and down the apex of her creamy thighs.

She was already so excited and aroused. He wasn’t sure if it was going to fit because she was so small and he was so large.

He eased himself into her center. Beauty cried out in pain and pleasure. Beast could feel her starting to open up, but she was still so tightly wrapped around him. Beast didn’t want to hurt his lovely Beauty, but his inner nature wasn’t something he could contain.

In one motion, he pushed himself all the way into her and she screamed. Looking down at her, he felt a twinge of guilt, but he couldn’t help himself. The beast let himself rest inside of her for a moment before he slowly pulled out.

Then, he started a rhythm.

Beauty couldn’t help but notice that with each thrust, Beast’s form seemed to shrink. However, his phallus stayed the same size as it plunged deep inside her core.

Beauty squeezed around him as she felt herself release her pleasure all over him. That only made Beast push harder into her.

Looking up, she saw his teeth shrinking as well as his horns. His face softened and the hair started disappearing. Beauty cried out in surprise, delight, and pleasure as she recognized the human face taking shape. He was her prince, the one she sought for so diligently.

With this realization, her apex spasmed once again and her lover was coated in her sweetness. That was too much for her love. He twitched as he emptied himself deep inside of her. They locked eyes as he felt himself soften.

Beauty got both her beast and her prince that night. The two of them were married the following day and they lived happily ever after.


The End


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