Fairy Tale Sex Story – Beauty And The Beast Part 1

Once upon a time is where our fairy tale sex story begins. For this tale, we go back to the year 1740 in France.

There lived a beautiful young girl. She resided as a guest in a luxurious castle. Her host was an unusual creature who, although beastly in appearance, was very gentle and kind to her. He allowed her full access to his domain and treated her like a queen.

Every night he asked her the same question and every night she gave him the same response. “Will you come to bed with me?” was what he wished for. When she told him no, she was sweet and kind. Her heart belonged to a handsome prince who visited her in her dreams. Though the beast was kind to her, she did not care for him as she did her prince.

The beauty would spend hours exploring the castle in search of her beloved prince. She knew in her heart that he was nearby and so was convinced that the beast had him locked away. The beautiful girl never did find him up in a tower or down in the dungeon.

So, it came to be that the beast was dying.

She had gone to visit her family but returned to help and revive him. It was then that she realized her love for him. That night she agreed to go to bed with him.

Upon reflection, while dressing in her nightclothes, the beauty considered the nights’ events and what she had agreed to do. She stood in front of a full-length mirror and gazed at herself. Her tits were small but very perky. Of course, her nipples poked through the material of her nightdress. When her nipples brushed against the fabric it sent tingles straight between her legs. The idea of what might transpire later made her body react all by itself. 

Behind her back, her long brown hair was braided and tied off with a blue ribbon. Her eyes glistened with excitement and anticipation.

She took a deep breath to attempt to calm her racing heart.

What was she doing going to lay in the Beast’s bed? Despite what the fairy had told her, she still believed her prince was somewhere close and Beauty felt as though she were betraying him. Her heart belonged to two and one was not present so what else could she do?

Beauty tentatively made her way up the spiral staircase that led to the Beast’s quarters at the top of the tower. Her feet were bare and the cold stone floor felt smooth. There were no animated objects for servants to follow her and light her way. Instead, she carried a candlestick with three lit candles cradled in the stick’s sockets.

The lady felt her belly tighten the further up she went. Somewhere deep inside her, something clenched and spasmed. Something warm and sweet started to spread from her center to her upper thighs. Her body was excited and alight with the thrill of the unknown. What awaited her where the Beast slumbered?


To Be Continued…


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