Face Sitting, Aria smothers you with her dripping wet pussy part two

It was a long drive to my place, but eventually we got there. The anticipation was killing the both of us. It was under a minute from arriving at my place to me pushing you down onto my bed. Face sitting was like a drug, and you were my fix.

The very thought of your tongue on my core made me clench with need until I couldn’t take it anymore. I unzipped the boots and pulled the tight dress up and over my head in a rush. I couldn’t wait, so I pounced onto the bed and climbed in top of you. Neither one of us was up for small talk or foreplay. We were both here for the main event. So I crawled up your body until I was straddling your face.

The wetness from my thighs got on your cheeks. Instead of wiping it off, you rub your cheek against my thigh to get more on you. The scrape of your stubble scratched the tender skin of my thighs and I let out a little moan of pleasure. I impatiently sat down, smothering your mouth and cutting off your air supply.

If you want to breathe, you’re going to have to earn it!

So you obliged me by sliding your tongue over my hard nub of a clit. I nearly jerked up I surprise, but I remained firmly seated on your face. Your tongue worked wonders circling my clit, to the point that I began rocking back and forth on your mouth. Your hands reached up and cupped my ass, pulling me tighter onto you.

You don’t even want to breathe, you want to drown in my juices. My moans are like music to your ears, and you began sucking and nibbling on my clit. My rocking got faster and faster, my thighs tightening around your face. You know just what was about to happen.

So you stopped.

You aren’t ready for the fun to be over yet, so you stopped everything you were doing. I whimpered and ground my pussy hard against your face, smearing all my juices all over the place. I looked down at the top of your head and grabbed hold of your hair, forcing you even tighter against my pussy.

So all you did was stick your tongue straight out, but I understood what you wanted. I positioned myself perfectly, and began riding your tongue. Up and down I bounced like your tongue was a tiny little cock. I dripped and oozed juices all over your face, but you didn’t care. You just reached up and pinched my clit between your fingers, finally allowing me to explode into your mouth.

You enjoyed every second of me trembling, shaking in orgasm on top of you. Slurping up every drop until I was nice and clean. This was your idea of heaven. This is where you belonged.

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