Face Sitting, Aria smothers you with her dripping wet pussy part one

So it’s been awhile since my last oral sex blog, so I feel its time that I get the attention that I deserve. Over the years, I’ve encountered many different ways to get my pussy eaten. But my favorite by far is face sitting. So this blog is all about you pleasing me with that mouth of yours. So sit back and relax, I’ll tell you exactly how I want this to go…

I’m dressed in a skin tight black long sleeve dress that just barely covers my ass. I’m also wearing over the knee length stiletto boots, so that your eyes are immediately drawn to the bare patch of skin that make up my upper thighs. So I’m dressed to kill, and you know that the death on the schedule is yours.

So I sit at my table at the club with my friends, laughing and smiling. Not a care in the world, other than catching my prey. There is one leg crossed over the other, making the already tight dress strain to cover me. You can’t keep your eyes off of me and I know it. That’s why I uncross my legs, then recross them with my other leg moving on top.

Every few minutes I uncross and recross my legs, teasing you.

Eventually when I uncross my legs for the last time, I spread them a little so that you can see that I’m not wearing any panties. You can also see how dripping wet I am between my thighs. I had noticed earlier your painful erection, so it’s only fair you know how hot and bothered I am too…

With one last word with my friends, I get up from our table and make my way over to you. Walking with the subtle seductive sway to my hips that practically hypnotizes you. Each step I make, you’re sure my tiny little dress will ride up just enough to give you another peek at my sweet wet snatch.

I stop in front of you and part my legs shoulder width apart with my hands on my hips. I lean forward and whisper into your ear, but your eyes are locked on my parted thighs, and the thin trail of glistening wetness dripping down the soft bare skin.

Let’s get out of here.” I whisper into your ear.

You swallow all the drool that pooled in your mouth and nod frantically. I grab your hand and lead the way out of the club, smiling to myself. Tonight is going to be perfect, because I know all about your little fetish. I know you crave to bury your face between my thighs and drown in my sticky sweet wetness.

That’s exactly what I’m going to do. Your fate was sealed the moment your eyes locked onto me. I will sit on your face, and ride your tongue and cum over and over again. Just you wait and see….

Did you enjoy part one of my face sitting blog? Come back Sunday to catch the juicy conclusion! Or if you want to experience the moment with my sweet voice egging you on, the audio is available now!




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